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Newton Faulkner: Interference (Of Light)

Having already given us brilliant records such as Human Love and Hit The Ground Running, Surrey based singer-songwriter Newton Faulkner is back with his incredible new album Interference (Of Light) which was released in August 2021. Having been a fan of his music for many years now, I was extremely excited to experience what this maestro of music had to offer with this latest instalment of his evolution.

The album draws you in immediately with the enticing vibes of opening track, Sinking Sand, which while may sound abstract at first, when you really open your eyes to the lyrics is extremely relatable, not to mention Newton’s ever so inviting vocals to guide you through music. With this being the opening track of the record, it is clear that Newton is certainly not going to hold back when it comes to building that instant connection between himself and the listener.

Keeping the energy flowing, Sinking Sands blends nicely into the second track, Cage, which I would probably say is one of my favourites. What I love about it is that it thought provoking in a somewhat unapologetic way, in the sense that it almost feels like we are being encouraged to sit down be real about our feelings and our lives. For example the lyrics, ‘Bury your head in the sand, hoping, that it won't last too long, how you ever gonna be happy, somewhere you don't belong’, poetic, raw and really packs a punch but with good intentions in mind. As a guy listening to Cage, it actually feels quite refreshing, because feels like I am not just listening to an album but that I am also sitting down to an honest heart to heart chat with Newton Faulkner.

From this heart reaching song, then comes the third track on the album, Back, which is such an endearing and upbeat song I feel because if you truly listen carefully, it is one which comes from a place of strength and hope. I feel confident that if you were a first time listener and this track popped up on your music playlist, Back would be the song to put a smile on your face and bring you some much needed inspiration.

Three songs down, and first impressions are telling me that as an album Interference (Of Light) is certainly ticking all the right boxes, and has already demonstrated what makes Newton such the gifted and talented architect of music we all know him for. So what about the rest of the album? With this record consisting of 17 tracks, all impressive in their own way, there is just so much on offer for any music fan regardless of whether you have been listening to Newton’s music over the years or if this is your first ever encounter. While part of me tells me I should take you through the album track by track, my mind tells me it would be much more productive to point out a few other personal favourites which I would recommend to any first time listener.

My first recommendation would be Here Tonight. When you compare it to rest of the album this track is one of the much more stripped back songs where you can see that even with just an acoustic guitar and his captivating vocals and heart felt lyrics, Newton’s music continues to be so powerful on so many levels. Imagine being stood at a intimate gig and you know Here Tonight was coming up on the set list, I can visualise total silence in the room as eyes are fixed on Newton as he captivates our lives with this truly beautiful song. It’s filling me with butterflies just thinking about it.

Another recommendation would be, I Can Pretend, which for me I found a real connection with the moment I listened, because it is the kind of song which you are aware or not, will get you to think about your life and the places, situations and even the people you look for love. Everything about this this song is special from the lyrics, to the gentle pace of the track itself which is so catchy that you will find yourself humming along to the lyrics and probably pressing that replay time a few times as well.

If you are looking for the wild cards of this album, there are quite a few that certainly keep you on your toes as a listener, but if I was to highlight just one it would probably be The Sun Is Coming Up. When I first pressed play, as it has a slightly different vibe to the other tracks I thought to myself oooo this is different, but different in a good way. Newton is no stranger of pushing the creative boundaries when it comes to making music, and The Sun Is Coming Up is certainly one of those tracks which demonstrates that so well. The same can also be said for Rest Of Me which is equally quite intricate as a song, as there are just so many components which give the track that extra level of vibrancy with that signature Newton Faulkner touch.

My final recommendation would be the penultimate track on the album, It’s Getting Late. It is one of those those tracks that brings together all the different elements we have experienced throughout the album and blends them brilliantly into one song - Newton’s incredible skills as a singer-songwriter, his ability to explore different sonic landscapes and most important of all create that connection where the listener is kept at the centre as they are drawn in by his ever so relatable lyrics. As a song, It’s Getting Late also has a lot of emotion, and it is hard not to feel touched after you have opened your heart to the message behind the song.

So there we have it, just a few of my thoughts and recommendations about the incredible new album by Newton Faulkner. As a I said earlier, Interference (Of Light) has a lot to offer music fans, and you can certainly see this album as testimony of his continued growth as an artist who is not afraid to push himself and bring great music and creativity together. So if you want to wanting experience that for yourself too then be sure to check out Interference (Of Light) today! Trust me, it will be one of the best journeys you will ever take!

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Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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