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New Era X The Hundred Unveil Exclusive Headwear Collaboration

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

If you have ever seen me out and about, you will know that why I may not claim to call my self a fashion expert when it comes to my own styling choices, one thing I do love is a good piece of headwear.

Well to my delight I was excited to hear the news that on the 31st March 2021 the New Era, a global brand known for their headwear and The Hundred, a new 100-ball cricket competition were joining forces to create a range of new lifestyle caps designed in celebration of the inaugural competition.

Being a cricket fan myself, regardless of which team I am supporting, I do love getting into the spirit and taking the opportunity to treat myself to a unique bit of merch, because hey at the end of the day it would be rude not to eh? With The Hundred featuring eight teams across seven cities – including London, Nottingham and Leeds, already it has been tipped to be one of this summer’s must see-events here in the UK. What is even more brilliant is that each team has its own bespoke piece of headwear with eye catching colours.

Photo By Andrew Whitton

As soon as I heard about this, I thought it is only right that I check out the headwear for myself, and Northern Superchargers option, because 1 I will always be a proud Northerner at heart and 2. Leeds has always been one of my most favourite cities to visit be it for business or pleasure. Having put in my request for which option to go for, I was full of excitement as the door bell rings and here is my special delivery ready to open – it is days like this when the royal mail are not just my posties they become my baes haha!

Anyway with the delivery now here, I hurried to my room to open everything up, and what struck and impressed me first was the attention to detail especially on the packaging. Seeing the branding so stylishy executed is one of those things I appreciate because I don’t know about anyone else but it adds to the adrenaline boost even more. I open the sustainably friendly cardboard box and gently take out my brand new Northern Superchargers cap, and place the palm of my hands so I can cast my eyes on it in all its glory.

As I look at my brand new signature Northern Supercharger cap everything about it is so stunning, yes dear friends just like you would be beaming if you got yourself a new pair of shoes or any item of clothing, you can gain the same level of excitement from headwear too. There were a number of factors that made me fall in love with what I had received.

First the vibrant colours, fabrics and textures of the cap, which were beautifully intertwined into the aesthetic of the purples which the Northern Superchargers are recognised by. I sometimes struggle to find a good snapback cap either because everything I see is either too flimsy or too bulky which you know is just going to make you feeling uncomfortable as soon as put it on your head. Where New Era have the upper hand on this front however, which is instantly noticeable is how there has been a lot of exceptional craftmanship – ranging from the intricacy of stitch work of the lettering to ‘Northern Superchargers’ to lightweight, breathable and UV-protected Diamond Era fabric which you just know will make this item of headwear durable. Dear I say it, there is no messing around with this collaboration between New Era and The Hundred – this is headwear in a league of its own.

While I may only have this cap, just looking through the look book that accompanied it and seeing the caps for all the other 7 teams, they all look rather impressive, as the bold and colour caps only elevate the unique design of each team and the personality of The Hundred even more.

Regardless of gender, age, or even which team you are going to be supporting this summer, that matters not, because these caps are certain to compliment anyone’s style. And hey if your team doesn’t win the competition, don’t despair because you will still be looking mighty fine in sharp in your signature New Era X The Hundred headwear. With 8 brilliant different caps on offer – which one will you choose?

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Article By Thushara

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