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Neia Jane - The Moment

If you are a fan of names such as Wolf Alice, Pale Waves or maybe even Lenon Stella, then we have another suggestion of a brilliant name to add to that list - Neia Jane. A singer-songwriter and producer from New Zealand, Neia’s music will honestly capture your heart and your mind.

On 13th May 2022, Neia released her latest track, The Moment, which oh my days I have been loving and vibing off to my hearts content. Her songwriting, especially on The Moments is outspoken and honest, from someone just speaking their mind about life, which can easily be something we all resonate with.

The Moment as a song is also a reminder of living in the moment, acknowledging all those tens of thousands of thoughts and feelings that go through our mind on a daily basis but not allowing them to overwhelm us.

Sure that can be easier said than done, but listening to a powerful song like The Moment will be like a breath of fresh air which allows you to have a much needed change of perspective. Listening as a first time listener myself, even after checking out the new track a handful of times, I felt a great sense of calm, as though Neia Jane was that kindred spirit and wise friend that I had known my whole life.

Will I be listening to more of Neia Jane? 100% yes! I already know that I will be recommending her music to the rest of my friends, because The Moment is the type of song which it would only be right to spread the word rather than keep it a secret to yourself. I sure hope someday soon, Neia comes to the visit us all here in the UK, because being able to see beautiful tracks like this would be a dream come true - giving me butterflies and adrenaline just thinking about it.

If you have not listened to The Moment then make sure the next thing you do today is check it out and embrace every single second of it as you connect to the music. Happy listening!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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