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Nathan tells us the real reason why he started TikTok

Nathan Evans from Airdrie, North Lanarkshire in Scotland decided one day to start uploading songs to TikTok. He soon found himself at the centre of a new cultural movement whirling around sea shanties with his own videos racking up millions of views overnight, He kickstarted the sea shanty phenomenon and its all down to him that a new generation are discovering the thrills of fisherman-themed, multi-harmonised folk music.

Welcome to Darkus! How has life been treating you?

Yeah, it's been good. It's been good. It's definitely not what I've been used to, up until this year. It's been a bit different. Its been amazing, also been a dream come true.

I bet when you started TikTok, you didn't expect to become so well known in such a short period of time?

No, I did not. I did not. It was actually my niece and nephew. It was their reason why i ended up getting TikTok.They had been complaining at me to get TikTok for ages and now i have done it. Everyone has the app now.

How does it feel to see the likes of Gary Barlow, Andrew Lloyd Webber and Brian Kay uploading videos to your song?

It was crazy.That's still one of the craziest things to of happened so far. To have them duetting the song and enjoying it And, like, even knowing it, is just incredible.

When you look at your journey from where you began to where you are now, what excites you the most?

A lot of things like there's so much happened. But the future is probably what excites me the most. Just wanting people here because I've been working on music since this all kicked off. I've been recording new songs and stuff like that and writing at every opportunity, so I've got lots of songs sitting. So the most exciting part is just the future and showing people my new music.

Yeah, If I was to turn on your music playlist right now, what five artists or songs would I see on your recently played list?

Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift, Dermot Kennedy, Dave is probably on there as well and probably Bugzy Malone. Ed Sheeran can’t ever make a bad song, same as Taylor Swift and them all really.

I believe that you have dreamt of touring since around the age of six. So I bet it feels amazing that it's now all coming true?

Yeah, definitely. I started singing when I was six. I started playing guitar when I was eight. So I got my first guitar when eight. And yes, it's just been ever since then. It's just been like a dream to be playing music. Its a dream come true, literally. One of the best things is hearing people singing your songs back. Knowing its a song you wrote, put your time into and then people singing it back to you. Probably one of the best feelings.

What are the next steps in your career? Have you got any plans for the new year?

Yes. So I am going on tour, actually next week I'm going on a UK Tour. Im super excited about that. Im currently rehearsing right now. So it's going to be good. And and then, yeah, Ive got loads of new music to come, got loads of Christmas songs coming out at the beginning of December and then New Year, I'm actually going to Germany which is going to be good and exciting.

Nathan is for sure a very talented individual. I’d definitely keep an eye out for his new music and what’s to come for him in the future. Check out the rest of his music on all streaming platforms

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TikTok- nathanevanss - Instagram- nathanevanss.ig

Article By Tiarna Iddon

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