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Muck Spreader Share New Single 'Carnal Tongues' & Announce Upcoming EP

Today Muck Spreadershare the first cut of their upcoming EP Rodeo Mistakes. New single Carnal Tonguesis a collision of genre and ideas, all barely held together by vocalist Luke Brennan's shaman-like messianic energy. A fully improvised project, Muck Spreader have performed with the likes of Black Midi and Fat White Family in their brief current incarnation - though, impossible to categorise, they sound like neither. 

On Carnal Tongues, Muck Spreader offer the following:

"Hop into the passenger side, hitch a ride into an abyss of sonic ecstasy. At the wheel an unreliable narrator, in the back seat Muck Spreader shifting gears as you move fast through bat country. We got something for everyone, what could go wrong? The vehicle screeches across the road, bursts of acceleration until you lose consciousness. As you wake the trip is over and you're back where you started, forever changed. The muck has been spread."

Inspired by everyone from The Dubliners to Captain Beefheart to Ornette Coleman, Muck Spreader talk about social values and social bases through a fully improvised setup. "There is no process to our writing" they say. Muck Spreader are an open project, one current member, before ever having met the band, commented on a video online, he was sent nothing but a time/location: he is now a key part of the setup. Liberated from the boundaries of traditional form, Muck Spreader are a collective pushing the confines both sonically and with what it means to be a band. 

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