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Muck Spreader share new short film 'Rodeo Mistakes' directed by Dylan Coates

"Muck Spreader are a vibrant, sentient being. An unspoken union between creatives influenced by the purely spiritual and meditative power of music"-So Young 

Today Muck Spreader release a new short film 'Rodeo Mistakes' - a visual accompaniment to their new EP of the same name. The film is directed by Dylan Coates. A fully improvised project, Muck Spreader have performed with the likes of Black Midi and Wolf Alice in their brief current incarnation - though, impossible to categorise, they sound like neither. Lauded by the likes of So Young, DIY, Dork, Huw Stephens and Jack Saunders, the five songs that make up the EP are as varied as they are challenging.  Written and Directed by Dylan Coates - the film serves as a surreal exploration through creativity and the feelings of inspiration and lack of it, with frontman Luke Brennan playing a fairy godmother/devil on the shoulder type character to an uninspired creative, played by John Frederik Kanu. The film makes strong use of visual metaphor as part of its storytelling, and each track of the Rodeo Mistakes EP soundtracks each segment, providing an extremely cohesive audiovisual experience, inspired by cinematic works by the likes of Frederico Fellini, Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andrei Tarkovsky and many others. On the new film , Muck Spreader offer the following:  "An expressive visual narrative collaboration with film maker Dylan Coates to sit alongside the EP of the same name by Muck Spreader. Draws on various influences from a range of schools of thought, both historical and current. Its disorientation is intentional to give the viewer an unsettling sense of motion like a plummeting cruise liner in the arctic or perhaps Noah’s desperation on the ark. Buckle in and firmly grasp your sick bag whitening your knuckles tightening your throat. Welcome to the nauseous world of Muck Spreader." Dylan Coates is a south London based artist and musician and a recent graduate from Chelsea college of arts BA fine art course. More of his work can be found at

Inspired by everyone from The Dubliners to Captain Beefheart to Ornette Coleman, Muck Spreader talk about social values and social bases through a fully improvised setup. "There is no process to our writing" they say. Muck Spreader are an open project, one current member, before ever having met the band, commented on a video online, he was sent nothing but a time/location: he is now a key part of the setup. Liberated from the boundaries of traditional form, Muck Spreader are a collective pushing the confines both sonically and with what it means to be a band. 

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