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Mr Gatsby invited us to his mansion in London, seriously

If you're a fan of F Scott’s Fitzgerald’s novel "The Great Gatsby", Jay Gatsby invites you to one of his infamous parties in the heart of London to relive the story of his life amongst dances, songs, mystery and suspense. Get ready for flows of champagne and as the drama unfolds the man himself will be the perfect host. As invites go, this is the hottest ticket in town. A hedonistic world of red hot rhythms, bootleg liquor and pure jazz age self-indulgence awaits. Dress to the nines and immerse yourself in this heart racing adaption of F Scott Fitzgerald’s seminal tale.

With a fantastic cast, your full immersion into The Great Gatsby experience will be the event of the year. I must admit, walking around and being part of it made us feel like living in the twenties again - needless to say - don't be surprised if you see people crying towards the end! It's an emotional and outstanding performance from an amazing cast which will actual grab you and take you into the story.

Jay Gatsby (Oliver Towse) knows how to throw a party. His villa, which looks over the river, just across from the house of Daisy (Lucinda Turner) and Tom Buchanan (Alex Wingfield), is huge and sumptuous. When Nick Carraway (Hugh Stubbins) accepts the invite for one of the shimmering nights, the miracle finally happens: a first-class tea is arranged that will see Daisy, Gatsby and Nick at the table together. And that's where the magic (and tears) happens!

Audience members were often invited by characters to join them in another room, we got invited by Mr Gatsby himself to his private studio with a couple of other people from the audience where he tells us how he runs his business with alcohol. Hearing screaming, moaning, games being played and phone calls happening could very well be the director's intent and purpose. While others are taken off, you’re left in the dark, which adds to the overall mysterious quality of the show.

The Great Gatsby offers a good opportunity to dress up and immerse yourself in an exclusive party atmosphere.

The production – which returns to its original pre-pandemic format, and with the venue at full capacity - will nevertheless be following all current government guidelines and Covid safety measures.

Olivier Award winning producers Louis Hartshorn and Brian Hook, who are currently co-producing the immersive production of DOCTOR WHO TIME FRACTURE – launched a new company in 2019, IMMERSIVE EVERYWHERE, entirely dedicated to developing and staging theatre-led immersive experiences, and IMMERSIVE | LDN is the newest of their network of venues, which will house cafes, bars and rehearsal and workshop spaces to help the development of new work.

IMMERSIVE | LDN is a 32,000sq ft historic building in the heart of Mayfair, which was home to the Queen Victoria’s Rifles Association until 2017. It includes three floors of immersive theatre and event spaces designated for performance, live gaming, events, escape rooms and private parties. For information about programming and venue hire visit

Full cast below (without covers): Oliver Towse will play ‘Gatsby’, Lucinda Turner will play ‘Daisy’, Hugh Stubbins will play ‘Nick’, Jermaine Dominique will play ‘Tom’, Steve McCourt will play ‘George Wilson’, Jessica Hern will play ‘Jordan’, AminitaFrancis will play ‘Myrtle Wilson’, Alex Wingfield will play ‘Rosy Rosenthal’, Aimee Barrett will play ‘Lucille’ and Greg Fossard will play ‘Joey’.

Get your tickets to "Immersive Gatsby" HERE.

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