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Morgan Evans

Having moved from Australia to Nashville, this past year has been quite a productive year for the multi talented & honest Morgan Evans. Now at a stage in his life where many have praised him as a Global Country Star, Morgan has continued to draw such positive and exciting attention especially due to the release of his debut album, Things We Drink To which was released October 12th 2018.

Taking a bit of time from his busy but exciting schedule we caught up with the man himself so we can find out not just about the brilliant new record, but also discover more about the journey and testimony that has made Morgan Evans the person he is today.

How have you enjoyed your 2018?

It has been the best year ever. I feel like I have just been growing as an artist and seeing the reaction of the fans to my music has just been a blessing.

Earlier this year you joined Catherine McGrath on tour, what was that like?

Yea I played 3 shows with her over in Australia which was so fun. I think as an Australian myself to have the chance to go back and headline too is something special. As much as I love the US, I think you work that little bit harder when you know you are going to playing in the town you grew up in.

If you had three words to summarise your past few months what would you say?

Commitment, Struggle & Appreciation.

You created a cool music video for the track Kiss Somebody, what was that like to bring to life?

I have never really been into music videos, so I just wanted to do something different, and Kiss Somebody seemed the ideal song to do that with. Jeff, the guy who helped me create the video also suggested we do parts of the video in slow motion, which I thought would be quite good, because the song does reflect on having to retrace your steps especially when it comes to something like love.

What does the spirit of live music mean to you?

I think a big part of music is being able to connect with people, whether it be playing a live show or hearing their feedback when they come to say hi after.

Would you say that music has always been your friend?

Haha it has been recently more of an exciting friend. Seriously though it hasn’t always been easy, as there have been moments where music is caused me to question where I am in life. I am glad though that at same time it has helped me to realise what I want and recognize my identity moving forward.

With the new album, Things We Drink To, with it being the debut, what do you feel that the introductory message is about who Morgan Evans is?

I think it is a record that shows who I have become, and I see it less as a record but more of a testimony of the path that has brought me to where I am today.

As for the actual recording, there were some songs which were so quick to write, where others required a number of goes, and just a lot of patience between me and Chris in the studio. For example the title track, Things We Drink To, for a while I would be wondering if it was how I wanted it to sound, which as you can imagine when you get the odd moment of creative block can be quite frustrating.

With those small frustrations are you glad you were able to work on the album at your own pace?

Absolutely! I didn’t want to realise something I wasn’t 100% confident in.

More and more people will be discovering your music especially with the release of the album and the sharing of tracks across social media platforms. What would you say to a new fan to encourage them to check you out?

I think these songs on the album are ones that tell my story, and comes from a quite honest and personal place. As a song writer I think when music is also your journey, it is what sets you apart from everyone else.

What makes you smile as you look back?

Just being able to take a moment to reflect and have appreciation in those special moments.

Wishing Morgan all the best from Darkus, and hopefully we get to see him in the UK real soon. In the meantime be sure to check out the new album, Things We Drink To and also be sure to visit to find out more about what else this incredible guy has to offer.

Article By Thushara

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