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MONEY TO BE MADE is the first release from the second FUDGE. EP, appropriately titled THE TOWN HALL SESSION. Born under the rafters of Leeds Town Hall where the band recorded the epic single live, captured and mastered by local producer Kane Whitelam, MONEY TO BE MADE and the EP are rooted solidly in the city and represent the trials of a life lived on minimum wage in the nearby terraces.

The song expresses the anger shared amongst the working class of Britain and the frustrations of constantly working for faceless corporations. However, as FUDGE. constantly provide, the single empowers those who relate to this frustration and encourages them to channel it in a positive way. FUDGE. are saying it’s good to be angry but we need to be active, to stand up and face whatever is oppressing us.

The band pride themselves on their live performance which, repeatedly, is eulogised by those who find themselves caught within the chaos of a FUDGE. gig. Their epic live performance has now met head on with the majestic and iconic venue in which they recorded THE TOWN HALL SESSION. Unfazed by the eminence of the building, the boys and the team captured their hectic performance in stark polarity to the splendour of the venue. You wouldn’t think to pair the two, but it works. Live videos will be released throughout the remainder of 2020 alongside each of the three singles from the EP.

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