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Money Heist: The Experience takes over London

If you're a die hard fan like me of the Netflix hit show "La Casa De Papel" you might be sad since the last ever season is coming out December 3rd, I know, letting go of this amazing story is hard, very hard, but you we found the best activity for you.

You can become part of the iconic gang and test their skills in Money Heist: The Experience. The fully immersive experience based on the global hit show will launch in cities across the USA, Europe and Latin America including Paris, Miami, Mexico City, London and New York, with more cities to be announced.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to wear the red suit and the Dalì mask, break into the vault and get the most amount of money you've ever dreamed of? Start thinking of a city name and focus on how to be part of the most wanted gang in the world because this experience is for you.

The action-packed experience will thrill you to the story alike, as you find yourself in a brand new heist based on the show, Netflix’s most popular non-English language series. Recruited into the notorious gang by Lisboa (yes, it's Lisboa herself) for a series of heists on spectacular international targets, you will have your nerve tested as you attempt to follow The Professor’s plan, and break into jaw-dropping landmark sites in cities around the world, such as La Monnaie de Paris on the banks of the Seine. Ultimately, you will find out if you have what it takes to infiltrate the vault and earn a spot in the gang.

The experience is an in-dept activity where you will be asked to participate (only if you want to) to do everything instructed by the gang to break into the vault. The actors are so good it's difficult to understand that it's all staged.

And don't be scared if Chicago looks very upset. Don't forget you are robbing the biggest bank in the entire world and you have no time to do it! Teamwork is crucial in the experience. Be open about "acting"out with other people. You will not regret it.

Co-produced by Netflix and Fever, the leading entertainment discovery platform, Money Heist: The Experience is a high-energy theatrical event featuring a unique storyline that happens in parallel to the show. Each experience will be uniquely adapted for every specific region and unique venue it is taking place in. Each city’s venue will be announced shortly before the opening date, adding to the drama of every participant’s personal storyline.

Greg Lombardo, Head of Experiences at Netflix, said: “Money Heist came out of Spain but captured the imagination of the world. Now Money Heist: The Experience will bring the show even closer to home. From the moment you book a ticket, you will be at the heart of the gang. Slip into your red jumpsuit, put on the iconic Dali mask, and step into the world of the heist for an experience of a lifetime.”

What else can you expect? Astounding visual effects and unexpected plot twists that could be experienced differently from one attendee to the next, as you interact with actors at every turn. For those planning to take up their city inspired code-name and join the gang though be warned, you might become the target being hunted by the police.

As your advised not to take photos and videos during the experience (trust me, you won't even time to do it) - don't worry, photo ops will be available at the end of the experience. You will also be able to grab special "Money Heist" cocktails and exclusive merchandise.

So what are you waiting for, book your tickets now here.

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