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Mokita - Room For Another

Having been out for a good couple of months now, I still cannot get enough of US based singer-songwriter and his latest single Room For Another. 2022 was when I personally acquainted myself with his music, and given the short space of time that I have taken the time to work my way through his backlog of music, I would say each release represents one of his diverse strengths as an artist.

When I look at Room For Another, for instance, other than successfully being able to serenade us music fans with his words, this song is also an example of how based on he is such an accomplished songwriter, who is able to bring calm to our day, yet give us those deep and powerful lyrics which we all look for.

Room For Another as I said came out in February, and while we can sometimes live in a world where something is released, we vibe on it and move on wondering what the next big song will be, this is one of those occasions where I would say that wanting more new music is ok, but hold your horses because this latest track is still continuing to blossom, so don’t rush just embrace and enjoy.

Another thing which is apparent with Motika through tracks such as this is how he is relatable, because every time I listen to any of his music I feel a real connection with him, because I could be a room of crowded people or even have a hundred things on my mind which come with the stresses of life, but as soon as I hear songs like Room For Another in that moment Motika has my full attention and nothing else matters.

If I had my way I would be listening to Motika 24/7, which I think is just a testimony to just how impactful his music can be to anyone. I am so glad I was able to discover this remarkable artist, and while I may be a little later to the party like the rest of my fellow Motika fans, I am nevertheless here now so am going to enjoy my journey with his music moving forward.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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