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Having released their third EP, On My Mind back in July 2022, loveable Irish indie-rockers modernlove. have continued to have one hell of an incredible year as they spread their love of music and woo’ing many fans in the process. If that is not enough, in November the band embarked on their headline tour which saw them visit all corners of the UK, the perfect way to see them bring the year to a close in a strong position, with a lot to be proud of.

Taking time out of their schedule we had the opportunity to speak to drummer Cian McCluskey.

Welcome to Darkus. How is life treating you at the moment? Thanks for having us. Things are going pretty well. We’ve just finished recording our third EP, and getting ready to release our new single, Take Me Far Away, which is our favourite song that we’ve made so far. We’re also preparing for a sold-out UK tour, which is insane. So, yeah, life is going okay for everyone in modernlove at the moment. You recently released your Oh My Mind EP; what was the inspiration behind the title and what does it mean to you? I think we looked at the overall subject matter of the EP and just decided that it was the most fitting title, considering that all of the lyrics stem from mental health issues and relationship struggles. Did you get the reaction you were hoping for from the EP? We’ve been blown away by the response to this EP. We try not to focus too much on it because it can really be a double-edged sword but, from what we’ve seen and engaged with, we’re incredibly proud of the EP and we’re so humbled by the reaction. The title track has also been selected to be in the new FIFA game, which is such a dream come true.

Is there anything about the EP and these songs that stand out for you more than your previous one? And If you could pick one track for our readers to listen to, to get a taste of your music, which one would you pick and why? I think the first EP was a real snapshot in time. It told the whole story of our youth in six songs, whereas the second EP was written over the span of the last two years. So, I think there’s a real step up in maturity with these songs. I think Take My Head is a really good example of that. Did you learn anything about yourselves when working on the latest EP? That we’re not quite as good at playing our instruments as we thought we were! Recording this latest EP in a studio with a deadline really proved that. Can you tell me a bit about your songwriting process. Do you all contribute or does one person take the lead? In our band the songs can come from any member at any time. All four of us contribute equally to the songwriting process. It usually starts with one person writing the bare bones of a track on ableton and then bringing it to the rest of the band. We all usually add our own bits to it and then it’s finished. It’s a very democratic song writing process.

And, finally, what is to come in the future for modernlove? And what would you like to achieve? I think as long as we can do this full time and continue to release music that we love making, then we’ll be happy. You can’t set your expectations too high because you never know what’s coming next in this industry. We’re just going to keep our heads down and keep writing and hopefully people will continue to relate to it. And then also obviously we want to headline Wembley!

The EP, On My Mind is available to listen to now. To stay connected with the band’s on going journey visit:

Instragram @modernlove_band

Article By Tiarna Iddon

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