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Modern, contemporary and Street Art meet at Moco Museum in Amsterdam

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

If you want to experience alternative and contemporary artists, the ones who always strive to push boundaries, you need to visit Moco Museum in Amsterdam.

The Moco Museum in Amsterdam is a boutique museum with a wide range of inspiring modern and contemporary art. With artists like Banksy, Jean-Michel Basquiat, JR, KAWS, Keith Haring, Jeff Koons, Yayoi Kusama, Andy Warhol, and more, we offer visitors an unparalleled collection of subversive art in which irony and humor are used to reflect on modern society. A one-of-a-kind experience aimed at a wide audience, a visit to Moco is a true eye-opener.

Studio Irma. Reflecting Forward expresses endless connections to reveal what the future can look like. Studio Irma x Moco introduces Connectivism as a new art movement. Through compassion and empathy, we arrive at a shared understanding. So, in our collective choice to experience this digital immersive art exhibition, we are Reflecting Forward in search of Connectivism.

Brightly colored lights, movement, and music drive you through these interactive, digital spaces: Diamond Matrix, Kaleidoscope, We All Live in Bubbles, Connect the Dots & Universe. Connectivism stresses that internet technologies like web browsers, search engines, and social media contribute to new ways of understanding and learning in our digital age. – Studio Irma

Banksy. A mysterious British artist known for his humorous and political street art. The Banksy exhibition at Moco contains several of his infamous street pieces, as well a large number of his indoor works, including work on canvas. One of these is his giant ‘Beanfield’ painting, a beautiful piece that is displayed on the ground floor. An impossible-to-miss eye-catcher as you enter the Banksy exhibition. Other highlights include ‘Girl with Balloon’, ‘Laugh Now’ and ‘Keep It Real’. The Banksy collection at Moco Museum: come check it out!

The Modern Contemporary (Moco) Museum has made its home in Villa Alsberg, a townhouse overlooking Museumplein in the heart of Amsterdam. The building was designed in 1904 by Eduard Cuypers, nephew of the renowned Pierre Cuypers who designed Amsterdam’s Central Station and the Rijksmuseum, which is at the opposite end of the square. This privately-owned residence was one of the first family homes built along Museumplein and retained this function until 1939. Subsequently, the house was let to priests who taught at the Saint Nicolas School in Amsterdam, and later it was converted into an office for a law firm.

No effort is spared to ensure that this breathtaking mansion makes an impact on visitors, adding an extra layer to the Moco experience. There is one small drawback, though: charming as the building is, its compact size does mean it can feel crowded during peak hours.

The Moco Museum is a private initiative of Lionel and Kim Logchies. The exhibited works of art are on loan from their carefully cultivated international network of art collectors. Part of the proceeds from the museum will be donated to charities that are close to the hearts of the initiators.

Grab your tickets now HERE.

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