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MKXI - Long Day

Hands up if you have ever had one of those days where you have here, there and everywhere, both mentally and physically? Well, US based MKXI feel your pain as they release their brand new track Long Day.

Adding their pop-punk and grunge influences MKXI is known for along with the formidable strengths to create real, honest and relatable lyrics, Long Day is such a fun and enjoyable song to listen to.

Bare with me when I say this, but do you know whenever after if you feel a bit drained like the energy has been taken out of you due to what happened to you, or that you were generally a very busy bee? Well one listen of MKXI’s song, will get you smiling again, and is like the music expression of a hug - just what you need at the end of the day right?

I find whenever I listen to any music, yet along an artist I am experiencing for the first time, that I warm to them easier when I feel that instant relatability with the messages they are trying to convey through their music, and Long Day by MKXI is certainly one of those instances. There is the right amount of depth too because rather than providing lyrics which may be quite intense (not that there is anything wrong with that), MKXI has kept it light hearted which makes your want to listen to it even more.

I will wait in anticipation to discover what other treats MKXI will be sharing with us next because I guarantee it will be pretty special. Having a Long Day? Go check out the new track by MKXI which is available to listen to right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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