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MIYNT: Swedish Artist Releases 'Nothing personal'

[Press Play To Hear Nothing Personal]

Releasing her first EP back in 2016, with a myriad of tracks released since, the Stockholm based singer and producer MIYNT is back! The single is set to be released April 2nd as a precursor to an album coming out later in the year. Best believe we will be covering that as well, hopefully along with an interview with the star on the rise.

As her previous work has been described as indie/disco pop, Nothing Personal takes a more grunge and urban direction with heavy usage of both acoustic and distorted electric guitar. It does however follow the psychedelic indie and dream-like sound she’s become known for, although more mature than what we’ve seen from her so far. Her unique yet laid back vocals shines and invite the listeners to be submerged in a relaxed, dreamy atmosphere most of us, constantly stressed out people, would love to escape to.

Nothing Personal opens with an eerie sound, sprinkled throughout the song tastefully, over acoustic guitar when MIYNT’s voice comes through in what can almost be described as a whisper. The lyrics are minimal and the first part of the song repeats again the last part, but sometimes less is more. Even though the track is on the longer end of the spectrum at 4,5 minutes, compared to the standard of 3, you feel invested to hear what comes next.

With no hard structure, the chorus feels like it floats in and her voice gets overpowered by the guitar lead music. One thing that definitely stands out, as it’s a personal favourite of mine and not enough artists use it, is the use of a pause after the first chorus. It serves as a breath of fresh air and elevates the rest of the song. It feels like it can start anew and so it does.

It feels warm and comforting just as spring arises from the cold and difficult year that was 2020. Whether we’re looking for escapism or just to turn our minds off, or even over analyze a piece of music, Nothing Personal is perfect for that. Although the music at times becomes quite overpowering and a bit chaotic, it feels like it was part of the plan and all we can do is go along for the ride. It’s colorful and fantastic.

In conclusion, be sure to check it out as soon as it comes out and be sure to keep an eye out for this brilliant talent going by the name of MIYNT.

To stay connected to this talented emerging Swedish singer-songwriter check out her official Instagram right now!

Article By Mimmi Rossander

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