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MISSIO: Feel The Good Vibrations of New EP ‘I AM High’

Photo By Ima Leupp

Looking for your some good vibrations in your life, then look no further than the gripping and sensational EP, I Am High by Texas duo MISSIO. Released officially on the 25th August 2023 the very moment I pressed play for the first time I could not stop smiling because it was without it had so much style and swagger to it, and as a first time listener to the band certainly left a good and lasting impression to the point that the following day excited by the reliving the experience all over again, I couldn’t start my day with a much needed MISSIO fix.

Ready to find out more? Well hope you are sitting comfortably as I share just some of the qualities that make this EP such a priceless gem in the world of new music. For a start just to make it absolutely clear, there is this general tendency for us to focus our attention mainly only debut albums, and while there is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion EPs are just as powerful and impactful as any other body of music, so for me the very existence of I Am High is certainly something worthy of our praise and celebration.

Consisting of 6 tracks, the EP begins with the very cool and upbeat song, Good Vibrations, which just draws you in from the get go, and fills you with so much adrenaline and good vibes, and thats just based on the beat and the rhythm of those synth and drums working in perfect harmony. Add in the vocals of front man Matthew Brue and the equally talented skills of fellow songwriter and producing skills of David Butler then what you have is something so profound and powerful it just provides you with such a refreshing sensation. I am a guy who likes my lyrics, and from hearing lines such as ‘What you need is my love, And some good vibrations, Some good vibrations’ and ‘bought myself a vape like a cool kid, I'm a cool kid smokin' in the park, Living my life’ I just love how adaptable they are where you either resonate or just live in the moment and appreciate them for what they are.

If this is just the first song, dang, I can’t wait to tuck into the rest of the EP. And well as I did that very thing my excitement levels and love for MISSIO only grew stronger and stronger. For example when I listened to the second track, Easy, this was such a cute song. I guess depending on different listeners what resonates with me might not be the same for you, but I think with Easy this is a song which can help our experience feel quite united with similar thoughts and feelings. The lines ‘I like your smile, you’re care free style, all vibes for miles’ that we hear at the start not only do i take those words and embrace them, but they are so poetic and impactful to pretty much be a good mantra to for life. Think of that one person who brightens up your day, friend, family, signifiant other, anyone - Easy is the perfect song to bring together all those thankful moments, especially with lines such as ‘Everytime I close my eyes I just know, your the only one that makes me whole’.

Photo By Ima Leupp

I tell you what just two songs in to this EP and I am just constantly inspired at MISSIO’s style of songwriting - its wholesome, from the heart and comes from a place of true joy. The duo switch things up a notch with Thang Thang which has some serious groove to it, and it is a great boost of energy which also shows us Matthew and David’s diversity as artists. There was a lot of shoulder moving and shoulder bopping from me for sure. It may be one of the shorter tracks on the EP at just over 2 minutes 11, but you know what as the saying goes its not about quality its about quantity, and Thang Thang still packs quite the punch, an addictive one at that too. Ah is there anything that these guys can’t do - where have MISSIO been all my life!

The duo continue to keep us on our toes on the 4th track Big Stacks and again has a totally different style to it and almost verges on the verge of rap - but MISSIO style. The lines ‘Fuck them all they can't run my fam , Say I do things that I actually can , Watch how I put numbers in the bank’, just make me laugh because part of me is saying amen preach it, and the other part is saying hell yea! It is a song which elevates confidence and just the power of speaking your truth, sticking it to the negative vibes, zero fucks given! And the addition of Jelani Blackman just gives the song that extra definition. I could honestly imagine how the whole room would be bouncing if ever this came on in a club or at a festival with MISSIO performing live.

Photo By Ima Leupp

From Big Stacks we move nicely on to Papi Chulo and everything about this song is just so chilled, an easy one to soak up the day and a very good one to sing along to with your buddies especially the words‘ They Call Me Papi Chulo, They Call Me Papi Chulo’ which you just feel like singing to your heart’s content with a good drink in hand! Deffo a good choice to party to.

After what has been one of the best listening experiences ever, the EP comes to a close with closing track I’m Coming Home, which takes us back to the similar vibe of the first two tracks like one big circle. What gives I’m Coming Home that extra edge it has such a euphoric feel to it as feel every beat flowing through you, making you feel like you want to live in the moment of I Am High even more than when you first began this journey.

With my hand on heart, I can honestly say that I feel like I have discovered one of my new all time favourite names in the world of emerging music, and all thanks to a 6 track EP which grabbed my attention from the start with so many fun twists, diversity and richness to it. I can reflect back now and confidently say that MISSIO are unlike any duo you will ever come across. EPs like this will see them continue to make waves for a very long time to come with music which you can’t get enough of. Available on all major platforms, I Am High is one of the best EPs you will ever say yes to!

Photo By Ima Leupp

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