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On the verge of a major breakthrough this year, 19-year-old UK singer/songwriter Mimi Webb returns with a new single and music video entitled “Reasons” today on Vevo/YouTube.

The track pairs delicate clean guitar with her expansive delivery. Confessional verses give way to a sweeping hook as she declares, “We’re just people made of broken pieces. I’ve got secrets. You’ve got secrets in your eyes.Meanwhile, the accompanying visual directed by Moon, captures the song’s upbeat energy and undeniable magic all at once. Like an abstract painting in motion, the clip collects dazzling vignettes of Mimi on a playground swing, in a porcelain bathtub, and rotating on a mirrored circle as she dons stunning high-fashion couture looks for each scene. It ultimately reflects the emotional whirlwind of the single.

About “Reasons, she commented, “For me, this song really represents the feelings of loneliness, but in the way where we are all just people made up of a bunch of different things. You only have yourself to rely on for this, but then it comes to meeting someone who has all the same broken parts as you do—which turns into a messed-up love. The making of this music video was such an incredible experience. The crew were all just so amazing, and glam really pulled it out the bag. It was the biggest video I've done so far and was so fun to really push myself out of my comfort zone from the looks we went for to the positions and movements I was throwing. I really felt my confidence take over and never felt more powerful.”

It’s just one of many reasons to love Mimi Webb

Most recently, Mimi captivated fans and tastemakers with “I’ll Break My Heart Again.It has already generated 1.5 million Spotify streams and 128K YouTube views on the music video. Receiving acclaim, FLAUNT premiered the video, while Wonderland put it best, Already it seems Webb has carved out her own niche of balladic pop, packed with vocal dynamite and stirring instrumentals, and on “I’ll Break My Heart Again” things are no different.”

Last year, her buzzing anthem “Before I Go” caught fire on Tik Tok when platform superstar Charli D’Amelio utilized it in not one, but two videos (here and here). This was unheard of and entirely unprecedented for a new artist. The track ultimately reached the famous creator’s 106.4M million followers, generating a total of over 85.7million views, 13.5M likes, 304.2K comments, 118.7K shares in the app.

Simultaneously, “Before I Go” amassed over 12.2 million Spotify streams and 615K YouTube views on the music video. Inciting tastemaker applause, Wonderland praised, “Webb’s distinctive husky vocals and gut-wrenching lyricism.Meanwhile, Consequence of Sound raves that, Mimi Webb has an unassuming sense of style and a voice that hits like a belt of brandy.

Right now, she’s preparing her debut EP set to arrive later this year. Get ready to fall in love with Mimi Webb.

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