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Miles Kane

Tours, Albums & Positive Vibes

Photo By Lauren Dukoff

“At the end of the day whether you’re watching the show in the crowd or on stage performing – we are all in this together.”

It is fair to say that when you think of Miles Kane, there is one way to describe him – passionate, hardworking and guy who is never afraid to teach us all what it means to embrace the true meaning of the spirit of live music.

Having toured the UK earlier this year, I am sure many fans were delighted, to discover he would be returning for another tour which kicks off on 22nd November 2018.

Back in August he also released his recent album, Coup De Grace which is an excellent record that demonstrates how Miles Kane continues to evolve as one of the most talented musicians around.

With the tour drawing closer and closer we felt that it was only right we caught up with the man himself for a nice little chat yesterday afternoon to find out more about what is about 2018 that is making him smile.

How are you enjoying your week so far?

It has been very good so far yea, I can’t wait for rehearsals over the weekend before the tour starts.

A couple weeks to go until the beginning of your UK tour, what are those excitement levels looking like at the moment?

It is definitely starting to build. As a whole this year has been quite exciting too, and I have had so many great opportunities. I like the fact that 2018 has been quite productive and busy.

Which locations are you looking most forward to visiting on the tour?

Ahh it would be unfair of me to pick a favourite haha. They are all good to me and I just so happy to get back out there and see the fans that come out to the shows.

To hear that some of the venues are already sold out, does that add to the adrenaline?

The feeling you get that people want you and are just as excited about your music is a beautiful thing. It helps to create a positive energy which is nice. I love playing live, and for me the energy you get when you’re playing a show is the main motivation and drive.

When I go to a show as a punter I do that thing where you put your best jacket on, head out and sing along. It is such a special feeling that I try to apply it when it comes to playing my own shows.

For a lot of people this will be the first concert that they will ever go to into in their life. How does it feel knowing you will part of that?

Oh man it is so cool when you think about it like that. The other day I was looking over ideas for the set list, and it was so hard to pick and narrow it down to just 18-20 songs. It is a case of trying to find that balance between the more recent material and also the more well-known songs to help ease people into, especially if it is their first time.

Your shows always have such a great energy and vibe, especially based on the ones I have attended. For you then what is your understanding and vision for the true spirit of live music?

It is hard to describe but I would say it is when you feel that thing where you’re in that moment where it goes up a notch. Those little moments can come at any stage of a live show – the beginning, the middle or even during the encore. At the end of the day whether you’re watching the show in the crowd or on stage performing – we are all in this together. When you get those special unscripted moments though, for me that is what brings me the biggest high.

August saw the release of your latest album Coup De Grace, what has it been like watching the response from fans and fellow musicians?

The weekend of the release it was so good because I would get messages friends saying how much they liked it which was really nice to hear. After a while things start to quieten down but it still carries a positive vibe and I couldn’t ask for anymore.

Being album number 3 and having so much talent and experience behind you, what elements go into making a good strong record as far as Miles Kane is concerned?

A good solid album is about laying down your soul and channelling what it is you want to say. I found that the older I got the more easier that got. For me I like writing from a place of honesty and creating music which has meaning.

A few weeks back over the Halloween period you released the video LA Five Four (309) – what was that like to bring to life and work on?

It was amazing! I went to a friend and we did it on the cheapest budget but it was one of the best things ever.

I wanted it to be wild and spooky from the beginning so felt right to drop it at Halloween too. We played a show over that weekend as well so I had a jumpsuit made and had some make up with extreme looking eyelashes, you know just went all out with the makeup.

It did look a bit feminine on me but you know what I quite like that kind of contrast where you have that gentle initial impression followed by a song that has plenty of punch.

How would you describe your relationship with music – has it always been that loving and understanding friend?

No haha – it has been a f**king nightmare at times, I think we have been divorced a few times as well haha. At the moment though, we are in a good place with each other which is much more like the honey moon phase. You know when your popping open the bottles of champagne, ordering room service and going off it in the honey moon suite haha.

There we have it, without a doubt one of the nicest, honest and down to earth guys I have had the honour to speaking to. To say that these are exciting times for Miles and also the fans would be an understatement. I cannot emphasise enough how going along to one of his upcoming shows will be one of the best choices you ever make.

So what are you waiting for, order your ticket, get your best coat on and prepare for a night of incredible music and positive vibes from the phenomenal guy that is the one and only

Miles Kane.

Full Dates are as below:


Thurs 22nd - GLASGOW, The Barrowland Ballroom SOLD OUT

Fri 23rd - MANCHESTER, Manchester Academy 1 SOLD OUT

Sat 24th - MANCHESTER, Manchester Academy 1

Mon 26th - NORWICH, The LCR UEA

Tues 27th - BIRMINGHAM, O2 Institute

Thurs 29th - LEEDS, O2 Academy

Fri 30th - HULL, Hull University SOLD OUT


Sat 1st - NEWCASTLE, O2 Academy

Mon 3rd - BRISTOL, O2 Academy

Tues 4th - LEICESTER, O2 Academy

Thurs 6th - LONDON, O2 Academy Brixton

Fri 7th - NOTTINGHAM, Rock City SOLD OUT

Sat 8th - LIVERPOOL, Mountford Hall SOLD OUT

Article By Thushara

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