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Metronomy - Boiler Shop, Newcastle - 24th April 2022

There’s something about a metronomy show that sets them aside from others. After being serenaded by Hak Baker with his infections energy and warm smile, Metronomy took the stage to round out the weekend with their indietronica, nu-disco sound. Throughout their close to 90 minute set there wasn’t a moment of silence, never a moment to let the crowd rest their feet. You’d think that this could be a problem, a symptom of burning too bright but with how seamlessly each song blended into the next we were always there right in the moment.

After releasing a new album earlier this year, Small World, typically a band touring soon after would be heavily promoting and playing most if not all of it on that circuit. However, this is not Metronomy’s style. We were given an expansive setlist from their decade long career meaning everyone in attendance got to hear their favourite song that night

Metronomy may be mostly founder Josephs Mounts vision but there’s no ego involved, its purely a band effort with them all getting their moment in the spotlight. Captivating vocal harmonies and exceptional musicianship meant that when they jumped into The Look they had the crowd in the palm of their hand. With everyone summoning all the energy they’d stored in reserve to throw themselves around for one last time and round off the weekend with large smiles and a warm feeling inside.

Article & Photos By Sam Wall

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