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Memphis May Fire: Blood & Water

As a music fan, there is no better feeling you could feel when one of your all time favourite bands announces they are bringing out new music, and for me those excitement levels went through the roof when Memphis May Fire released their brand new track Blood & Water.

Having followed their music since 2012, I have always been impressed and inspired by frontman Matty Mullins ingenuity and talent when it comes to the art of lyricism, so it no surprise that Blood & Water is a fine representation of what this talented musician does best. When you combine that with the equally talented and energetic vibrancy that fellow band members Kellen, Cory and Jake provide, oh my days this is the type of song which will have you cranking up the volume singing at the top of your lungs.

The type of music I shall always gravitate too is one where I feel an instant connection, be that in terms of the sonic vibe of guitar riffs and the beat of the drums, or the narrative behind the song itself. This is probably why Memphis May Fire are ranked up there as one of my favourite all time bands, because they don’t just create music, they create monologues of depth, honesty, truth and hope which whisper to your heart. Blood & Water, I feel, is a total representation of that.

With the band having already released 6 incredible albums and 2 EPs over the years, Blood & Water gives us a teaser into their next steps in their evolution as a band, and boy if this song is anything to go by, we better strap ourselves in because whatever Memphis May Fire have planned in the months to come it is going to blow your mind!

Available to listen to on all major platforms, don’t delay, listen to Blood & Water right now!

Article By Thushara S.Chandrasiri

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