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mehro Releases Latest Single ‘Coastline’

“More than perfect, you’re unique / We were born to be bold in this life”, and so we are thrust into the charismatic timbre of mirthfully-plucked guitar strings, gliding atop the feather-light moonwake of tender alt-indie vocals. Where could one find a smooth production of such elements? One may ask. To that, I say simple: the LA-raised ‘mehro’ just released his latest track ‘coastline’ and here is why it is the perfect ethereal single to have a slow sunset-drive to.

The young musician accumulated quite the following after the release of his debut single ‘perfume’ last February, now amassing over 8 million streams on Spotify! This exciting first track was born amidst the hype of, former touring mate, Elohim’s ‘Group Therapy Tour’ in the early months of 2020. The American electro-pop DJ has been said to have influenced mehro in his musical journey, so it may be interesting to find characteristics from the genre which ‘makes music for this moment’ in his own tracks.

Taking a nosedive straight into this melodious single, ‘coastline’ envelopes us in a powerful feeling of escapism, where we can leave behind the trials and tribulations of everyday life and embrace the seaside scenery as a healing force – the instrumentation is faultless in regard to melting away negative energy. The positive road-trip vibes remind me of LCD Soundsystem’s 2007 track ‘All My Friends’, mirroring the same joyous production quality that made me fall in love with this ‘old’n but golden’ tune.

On that same note of production quality, I think my favourite element from the track is the use of guitar instrumentation. Interwoven with vibrant dynamics, the brisk tempo of toasty-warm chords gracefully ebbs into the liberating tone that permeates across the entire song. Although the riffs aren’t the most distinct amongst the indie genre, I think it does exactly what it is supposed to: showcasing the romanticism of escapism. What better way to throw caution to the wind than with a neatly-wrapped gift of euphonious melodies that sound like they are fresh out of a rom-com?

Peering through the veil of vivacious exuberance the guitar instrumental provides; the resonant bass riff delicately enlightens the bouncy bop and creatively ties in Elohim’s electro-pop effervescence of making ‘music for this moment’. The instrumentation oozes freshness which is only emphasised by the dreamy vocals of twenty-one year old mehro; the kind that emblazons his lyrics with a unique blend of a homely, familiar lilt and evasive, soft vocal trails that sound completely anew in the world of indie music.

And as that unique vocal blend trails off with the last, mirthfully, rippling guitar chord, I can sit back with a nice peach tea and pretend I’m in a much sunnier place, after all…

“The destination’s in our eyes”

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Article By Rebecca Todd

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