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Meet Van Gogh ... in London

The Van Gogh Museum’s award-winning Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience is now open in London's Southbank. The Van Gogh Museum’s blockbuster Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience will open in London’s South Bank, from 7 February 2020 – 21 May 2020. The interactive and multisensory experience follows in the footsteps of the world’s most iconic artist, bringing together the Van Gogh Museum’s world-leading research and unique collection of the artist’s personal letters, to recreate Van Gogh’s life in his own words.

A touring exhibition focused on Vincent’s inspiring life story, Meet Vincent van Gogh fulfils the Van Gogh Museum’s mission of making the artist’s life and works accessible to a global audience. The fragile nature of Van Gogh’s original works prevents them from travelling beyond the Museum walls; this experience ensures the collection can continue to enrich and inspire audiences across the world.

The Experience

Upon entering the Experience, a fully-automated audio-guide, breathtaking projections, interactive installations, state-of-the-art set-work and a compelling narrative transport visitors through the most important phases of Vincent’s life: from his childhood in the Netherlands to the streets and studios of Paris, the golden countryside of Arles, his asylum in St. Rémy and the wheat field where he fatally wounded himself. The Experience also explores Vincent’s legacy as an endless source of inspiration to artists and writers around the world. Meet Vincent van Gogh in London

The Experience opens on Upper Ground, in the heart of London’s South Bank cultural district, nearby Van Gogh’s London home in Brixton. Close proximity to Waterloo Station makes it the ideal day trip for visitors touring the city’s main attractions. With the prestigious National Theatre, Jubilee Gardens, Queen’s Walk and London Eye a stone’s throw away, tourists and locals alike can experience Vincent van Gogh like never before.

Meet Vincent van Gogh Across the Globe

Meet Vincent van Gogh’s 2019 tour stops in Seoul and Barcelona’s Port Vell attracted a combined total of 400,000 visitors, charming both Spanish and Korean audiences with its interactivity, captivating storyline and family-friendliness. Looking ahead to 2020, it is only fitting that Meet Vincent has confirmed tour stops in two of Europe’s most vibrant cultural capitals: London and Lisbon (from 28 February 2020).

Meet Vincent van Gogh in London is being produced by Activities & Events Ltd., a joint venture between

London’s leading sightseeing company, Golden Tours and Spanish promoter, PROACTIV: Live Entertainment.

Arnold van de Water, General Manager of the Meet Vincent van Gogh Experience, states: “2019 has been an outstanding year for Meet Vincent van Gogh and Van Gogh Museum experiential content. From Barcelona to Seoul, the Experience has achieved precisely what the Van Gogh Museum intended it to: enriching and inspiring people around the world. With this momentum behind us, we are excited to maximize our impact in London and Lisbon with exceptional venues and highly-experienced partners.”

“Meet Vincent van Gogh is the ideal addition to London’s arts and cultural attractions scene,” says Mikesh Palan, Managing Director of Golden Tours, “As an official Van Gogh Museum experience, it brings not only the prestige of the Museum but also a strong understanding of how to attract a diverse audience. This, combined with Golden Tours’ long-standing expertise in London attractions and events, makes for a very successful collaboration.”

Nicolas Renna, Managing Partner of PROACTIV: Live Entertainment, states: “Collaborating for a second time with the Meet Vincent van Gogh team reasserts the success of the Experience in Barcelona and the universal relevance of Vincent van Gogh’s unique life story. PROACTIV is excited to continue creating a wonderful experience for our visitors in London.” Following the highly successful collaboration between the Van Gogh Museum and PROACTIV in bringing Meet Vincent van Gogh to Barcelona, , the Van Gogh Museum looks forward to working with such an experienced promoter once more.

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