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Maxïmo Park on track for first #1

North-East rockers Maxïmo Park dropped their highly-anticipated new album 'Nature Always Wins' last weekend, that marks their incredible seventh studio album together. The band ventured on their new album not only as a trio this time round but also through a global pandemic.

Surprisingly, after six previous successful albums and almost twenty years together, Maxïmo Park are finally on their way to their first #1 in the Official Albums Chart as they top the midweek chart today! An online campaign to get the band to the top spot has been backed from many media personalities including BBC Radio 1's Greg James who said earlier in a particularly impassioned Instagram post “Songs from A Certain Trigger and Our Earthly Pleasures were on repeat during my student radio days. This new album has come along at a time when we’re all feeling totally all over the place. I still have moments of complete existential meltdown (I had one last Friday actually). I’ve listened to the album constantly over this sunny weekend, and I’ve felt comforted and inspired all over again. I love them more than ever.”

There has also been much support for the new album on Twitter with the hashtag #MaximoPark4Number1 going viral in the last few days. The aim being of bringing together the indie music scene to wider audiences, ultimately diverting the charts away from that typical mainstream sound we are oh so used to. Instead we should be rallying together for the support of albums that touch on more important and relatable subjects such as social injustice and parenthood, it makes a refreshing change for the mainstream albums chart that's for sure!

'Nature Always Wins' is the bands first album together in almost four years, so its no surprise that the love and support has been so strong for this release! The album has already scored the band two BBC 6 Music A-listed singles (Baby, Sleep and All Of Me), as well as their Album Of The Day slot last Friday.

We will find out this Friday the exciting news on whether Maxïmo Park have managed to secure themselves their first #1 in the Official Albums Chart and mark a significant achievement not only for the band, but the indie-rock scene itself. Hopefully this will continue on to be something of a more regular occurrence for alternative music!

If you haven't bought your copy of 'Nature Always Wins', make sure to today and hopefully we can help some class new local music rightfully top the chart! Fingers crossed for Friday!

The band have also announced new UK tour dates, including a date at Newcastle's Riverside on Tuesday the 14th September 2021. Tickets are on sale now!

Article by Rebecca Rose

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