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Matt Sahadi Releases Brand New EP, Propagated Sin

Updated: Apr 2

It has been a long time coming, but singer-songwriter Matt Sahadi shared the news that on the 8th March 2024 that he would be releasing his latest EP, Propagated Sin. By some of the things which I have seen online, there are plenty of happy people out there, especially the music fans. Consisting of 4 tracks, rather than live with the fear of missing out, I had the pleasure of checking Propagated Sin for myself. 

The EP begins with opening track Thru A Star which is an attention grabbing song, full of great energy that just draws you in, whilst also captivating you with some pretty deep and meaningful lyrics which are so easy to resonate with. Matt’s vocals are incredible too as he has a naturally warm and charismatic voice which helps to guide you through the song. All though Matt Sahadi has recently come onto my radar, listening to this track really puts the listener at ease, and makes you get that sense of excitement you tend to feel when reunited with a familiar friendly face. 

As many DARKUS readers know I do love music with good hearty lyrics that I can throw myself and my mind into, and when there are elements of truth and playfulness even better, so for me Thru A Star has so many of these great moments woven into with lines such as ‘Let’s escape the dark , and light another spark, even if we miss It’ll take us far, coz you and I and maybe tonight will sail right through like a star, if we catch on fire, at least it will be alright because we won’t have to worry anymore’. Lyrics like this are a perfect example where an artist reminds us of  that sense of escapism, which as adults can sometimes forget about. This song for me is like that reminder that says to the listener ‘hey, it’s ok to dream’.

After a strong start, the EP then moves onto the second track, Another Day. I like the fact that this is a very open hearted song which helps to get all those unspoken things off your mind about the person you have feelings, but sometimes it feels like you are being given the run around. I think as humans, we get into the habit of bottling up feelings and allow them to live rent free inside out head, but with a song like Another Day, Matt Sahandi is doing the opposite. 

Let me give you an example - ‘I wear both our hearts here on my sleeve, you tear me down, but I can’t leave, then when I reach for you, in the night, you turn away and say the time ain't right, and all I am giving baby is all I ever had, you stole my heart and now you want it back. When I tell you I love you honey you push away, you always tell me another day.’. Like let’s just take a moment just to appreciate the raw and purest emotion and vulnerability that Matt Sahandi has packed into this song. I feel a great sense of personal connection just hearing these words, because this is music which we can all relate to one way or the another. 

Next in the line up of Propagated Sin is Maybe It’s Time. I absolutely love the way that this song begins with its high octane energy and rhythm which lead us to Matt’s great and powerful vocals. Like other songs on this EP, this is yet another of those songs which encourages us to take a dive into inner thoughts and feelings of our minds. That can feel like a scary thing sometimes, but with an artist like Matt Sahandi a safe space is created to help you be less fearful about it. 

After 3 great tracks, the EP comes to a close with the final track Thoughts & Prayers, which just takes a real 360 view of life and society. Matt is just using this song as just another way to really encourage us to do the same too, and I think psychologically there is an edge to the song which can be quite eye opening too especially as it encourages us to think about those lies we tell ourselves every day which have become part of our normality. 

Having listened to this EP from start to finish, I have nothing but good things to say about Propagated Sin. Matt has really all of his strengths into this EP, from the song writing to the rhythm and energy and flow. I was trying to see similarities with any other artists out there, but you know what Matt is one of those artist who is difficult to compare to anyone, because he is doing his own thing and creating lane as an artist - one which I absolutely love!

Propagated Sin is out on all major platforms right now, so if you want to be part of something special, then give it a listen today.

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Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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