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Martin Luke Brown - **it gets better

Wondering who are some of this year’s exciting emerging artists? Well one recommendation is Leicestershire based singer song writer Martin Luke Brown. Having caught a lot of attention especially in the East Midlands music scene, the talented singer-song writer known for putting so much heart and love into his music, releases his brand new single **it gets better which came out today!

I will say at this point just how much of an honour it was to have the opportunity to have Martin and his music put on my radar, because **it gets better is such a powerful and magnetic song which just oozes positive energy and just makes your day and those worries that you had just disappear. This song with Martin at the forefront just feels like that well needed hug from a friend and just helps to put life in perspective through an uplifting gaze.

Lyrically what I admire about Martin as a songwriter is just from listening to this one track you can easily detect how their is such honesty which is presented in a way takes you from starting feeling sad and maybe vulnerable to empowered and hopeful. The perfect breath of fresh air for anyone!

Some might compare Martin Luke Brown to the likes of Sam Fender or maybe The Wombats, and while I can see that resemblance, listening to **it gets better I would go one further and say actually Martin is in a league of his own, with it being only a matter of time before this song goes on to potentially be one of the most iconic tracks of the year, especially with the sunnier weather on the horizon.

I for one am so excited to see what the rest of the coming months hold for Martin and his continued evolution as an artist and hopefully who knows if were lucky we may very well be able to enjoy listening to sensational songs like **it gets better being played live.

Article By Thushara Chandrasiri

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