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Martin Leary - Waiting For

Fun fact, this is not the first time the name Martin Leary has come onto my radar, and it certainly won’t the last, because as an emerging UK singer-songwriters, this guy is creating some serious waves.

On the 22nd April 2022 this loveable guy from Glasgow released his latest track, Waiting For, which I feel has the potential to become one of those rare anthems of 2022. Martin has over the years shown us just some of his body of work through the EP’s that he has released over the past couple of years, so I feel, (pardon the pun) if you have been ‘waiting for’ him to reveal his plans for 2022, then new releases such as this show how he continues to thrive and flourish to give us all music which will touch your soul, speak to your mind, make you sing along, and in the end make you thirst for more.

I really admire Martin as a songwriter too because he has so many admirable qualities be that the honesty he radiates or the way his music help bring meaning. He is like that friend who will cheer you up after a tough day with a friendly smile and a pint. The Scottish music scene has provided us all with a number of great names over the years, and in terms of the generation to keep the music scene alive Martin Leary is very much part of the forefront.

This guy is going places, and I can only wish him all the best, as me and my fellow music fans embrace songs like Waiting For and celebrate this incredible guys continued growth.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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