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Manchester's finest The Cuza unleash their angry 'Anthem for the lost' - "Bones" - Single out now

Updated: Jun 19

Vocalist, Transylvanian native and ‘Mancunian’ adoptee Tudor Todut, guitarist and songwriter Wayne Edwards, guitarist and keyboard supremo James Adams, bassist Shaun Taylor and drummer Ryan Ormerod all make up the eclectically influenced and genre-blending Manchester rock band The Cuza. Hot on the heels of singles “A Life Full Of Colour” and “Leeches” the band now release the third single off their forthcoming debut album “A Life Full Of Colour” - set to land this Summer: “Bones” was released on 23rd May 2023.

Perhaps it was pre-ordained by some higher all-knowing power, because the search for a singer and frontman ended miraculously when the band encountered the one and only Tudor Tudot from Transylvania! Cue the birth of a band that ‘creatively clicked’ with immediate effect, assimilating their collective influences and bouncing off each other’s talent to create their very own brew of genre-defying music. Nothing is off the table with The Cuza: from Northern Soul to Death Metal, from Bowie to Slayer. So long as there is strong melody and finely crafted, well thought out, inspired lyrics. There are no barriers when it comes to generating fresh ideas that culminate in a wealth of emotive music. From air punching anthems to ballad-like, melodic journeys through the gamut of human emotions. Not only that, The Cuza are fantastic live, both as headliners and as support to the great and good. Each gig is an experience, but also unique in itself.

The forthcoming album “A Life Full Of Colour” will come out this Summer and it reflects the bands’ versatile skills as musicians and composers; each song sets an entirely new scene, as guitarist Wayne explains, “there’s a variety of moods in there and every track has a story to tell”. It was recorded at various legendary locations such as Abbey Road, Metropolis and Larkins Farm and was produced by Adrian Bushby who has famously worked with legends such as Foo Fighters, Muse and more…

The new single “Bones” is immediately relatable and evokes a visceral, angry feeling of frustration and rage at the absolute state of the world and of nothing working for struggling individuals; as Todut explains: ““Bones” is for the ones running on empty, barely surviving, piece by piece, day by day. Not dead, but barely alive, simply, stuck to their 'bones'. It's an anthem for the lost…”

You can get the single 'BONES' on SPOTIFY

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