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Maisie Peters - Road to Hammersmith Tour

Photo By Sam Wall

With a tour that sold out in seconds it felt like a great honour to have her kick it off here in Newcastle. We arrived early in an attempt to gain a good spot to watch the show but clearly everyone else had the same idea.

I’ve been to the venue a number of times and never had I seen a queue like this. I believe everybody going to the show was already there eagerly waiting for the doors to open. I heard some fans had pitched up in the morning to secure their place on the barrier.

Support for the nights antics came from Maisie’s best friend and room mate, Cate Canning. A huge infectious smile covered her face as she was clearly taken aback from a packed room of fans smiling back at her. Taking a second to set herself she dove headlong into her set of upbeat anthems.

Photo By Sam Wall

Before she entered the stage the atmosphere was electric, you could feel the anticipation. Then just like that Maisie skips onto the stage, acoustic guitar hanging from her shoulders and leapt straight into “Body Better.” The room erupted with jubilant synchronised cheering before reciting every word of her music so loud at times it was tough to pick out Maisie’s voice.

Her second album, “The Good Witch” will soon be released (June 16th) so this was very much a tour to generate hype for it, not that it needs it, so it was a real treat to hear some of the tracks played live for the very first time. Major crowd pleasing songs such as “Elvis Song”, “Psycho” and “Cate’s Brother” were all on the setlist tonight.

Throughout the entire set it was non-stop pop perfection where Her songs strike a chord with everyone, tuning into the parts of all our lives we can all relate to. Love, Hate, Sadness, she picks at our heart strings with her catchy, pop laden hits. She closed the evening with “You Lost the Breakup” sending a message throughout the room of positive vibes and to keep your head held high.

With her recent success, signing to Ed Sheehan’s label and supporting him on his world tour it surly can’t be long before she embarks on tours with bigger venues, filling arenas and storming onto the festival circuit with her wicked fun personality and enchanting pop tunes.

Photo By Sam Wall

Article & Photography By Sam Wall

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