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Magic Out of the Blue: Monster Florence - Picture Frame (feat. Miles Kane)

Amongst a bizarre, tragic and confusing week, the sun streamed through the window and brought a slight feeling of optimism and hope, wrapped in warmth. A quick scroll through NME followed when something caught my eye. As an avid fan of Indie prince Miles Kane, I curiously clicked on the article. Now Kane loves a collab, and clearly excels in them, so obviously an opportunity to listen to fresh track Picture Frame with Monster Florence enticed me.

The Colchester collective of Alex Osiris, Dream Mclean, Wallace Rice, Cameron Morrell, Jonny Poole, and Tom Donovan complete Monster Florence: a six-piece and healthy mix of musicians and rappers. Causing a stir with their alternative Hip Hop style amidst Grime and Punk vibes, the band created the demo for Picture Frame; Miles claimed the chorus then the instant feeling was there that they were on to an absolute blinder.

Firstly the heavy strings began, all live instruments here, and I knew straight away that I would massively dig it. The piano beat is next along with the lyrics, which tell their story in a calming poetic, fashion, lulling you in. This guy has got it bad, and you frankly question the goodness of the girl. The dramatic background has hypnotic qualities, so when the full chorus comes, it takes off and lifts; Miles’ infectious vocals further cement the notion claiming ‘just left me hanging like I's a picture frame.' The contrast between rap and rock is lush and marry together well.

It’s the best when you innocently stumble across a find like this and totally adore it. Then the repeat button is hit all day. With such weird times, I reminisced to the scene in Titanic where the violinists refused to stop playing, which is what has to happen in the coming weeks, especially with this song.

Article by Beverley Knight

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