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Lucifers Beard - Shake On The Floor

As a magazine that covers music from different parts of the world, it always brings a smile to my face when I am introduced to a band based here in the UK, even more so when I know they like to dabble in a bit of post-punk and screamo.

Having been informed of Lucifers Beard and their brand new release Shake On The Floor, I could not wait to tuck straight in. Here in the UK you have the likes of Neck Deep, Bury Tomorrow, Holding Absence that leave music fans going wild, but Lucifer’s from listening to Shake On The Floor, Lucifer’s Beard have the makings of another great UK band.

The song itself has plenty of energy which will really get you in the mood, so I can already start to visualise how insane things will become were it to be performed live. A good few circle pits for sure. The vibe of the song also reminds me of a fusion of Foo Fighters and System of A Down, but with a touch of Lucifers Beard’s own DNA to give it that extra bit of an edge. This song may have only been released on 8th April 2022, but I think the more it gets heard, the more it will get embraced, and when that happens, this could result in being a springboard for Lucifers Beard to win the hearts of countless music fans in the weeks and months to come.

Available to listen to now, make sure you check out Shake On The Floor right now!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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