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Love Truls: With Love From Sweden

He may only be 18 years old, but Swedish based singer-songwriter Truls Söderman Carlberg better known as Love Truls is such a phenomenal artist who has a wealth of talent and the potential to go far. Taking his music to new heights, on 4th June 2020 he released his debut EP Kantande Wanai, taken from the Japanese phrase for ‘it isn’t easy’.

Having listened to this captivating EP ourselves which gives us an insight into his strengths as a songwriter, we caught up with Truls for a quick chat to find out more.

Hej min vän! Welcome to Darkus, and a pleasure to finally speak to you! Has Summer 2021 been kind to you so far?

Thank you! Yes for sure it’s been really nice so far.

A huge congratulations on the release of the debut EP which came out on 4th June. What did you enjoy most about putting together a wonderful body of work with 6 wonderful tracks?

The very best thing was to hold my own record in my hand. Very cool thing to do.

Now while this may be your debut, it is important to acknowledge your love of music goes back to the days of your childhood. When you think about what your views and priorities in the world were at that age, how did music help you to articulate those feelings and emotions?

Music meant everything to me and it always will. It’s the way I express myself, regardless which art form. I’ve never been good at expressing myself directly to others or something like that, it’s always been through music.

Leading on from that, when it came to Love Truls what did you want that reality to represent as the man you are today?

I don’t really know. The songs I’ve released so far have been from a past part of my life and I feel like I am so much more right know and I feel very excited to start sharing the feelings I have in this moment. I feel like Love Truls never can be defined because of the constant change.

There is such depth in your music, and I found myself connecting to some of the tracks especially Trembling Hands, Adult and Tell Her. How do you feel that this EP has helped you to grow in confidence as a songwriter?

I am very self critical, in a bad way maybe. But it’s of course been super nice to get some response from people and maybe it has given me a little push.

This has understandably been a crazy 18 months for a lot of people, across all industries, so for an emerging artist such as yourself how have you found trying to battle with the implications of the global pandemic on one hand, and establishing your identity in the 2021 music scene on the other?

Of course it’s been difficult not being able to play live and to establish some kind of “name” in the industry. But there’s people with a lot bigger issues than that, so I am glad.

I was fascinated when I was watching the short day in the life style documentary, Introducing Love Truls. What was the main motivation behind that documentary and how did you find being able to give fans a teaser, but equally not giving too much away?

I thought it would be a nice thing to do, to as you say give people a picture of me but not in an obvious way. Just a totally boring normal day in Love Truls’ life. I feel that it’s kind of interesting and that it says a lot about someone to see their normal day to day life.

What can us music fans do to help support emerging artists such as yourself, whether they are over in Sweden or in any other part of the world?

I think that just giving everything some of your time, if you know what I mean. For example, when I stumble over a new song, I always try to listen to it fully and try to understand it. Sometimes I do and sometimes I don’t but it always gives you something to take from it.

Having put out this EP and also a couple of cool music videos, what does the rest of the year look like for Love Truls?

I really hope to come out and play some shows when it’s possible and between that I am excited to start on a whole new project, maybe a full album. I feel like I have something to say right now and I really feel inspired.

The brand new EP, Kantande Wanai , is available to listen to on all major platforms. To find out more about this talented emerging artist visit his Official Soundcloud today.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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