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North London singer, songwriter and storyteller Louis Dunford has released his debut project The Morland EP alongside lead track When We Were Hooligans, which follows previous tracks London’s Requiem and Regretamine.

With a notebook never too far away, Louis nostalgically writes about his own observations of friends, family and life, always telling stories that need to be told. Using his songs like a journal, his lyrics are often a cathartic release and a way to honestly approach tragedy or share everyday humour through frank storytelling and raw and gritty delivery.

Both London’s Requiem and Regretamine were the first real introduction to Louis Dunford towards the end of last year, but his growing fanbase have been supportively following him since being drawn to the emotional depth of his songs when he first shared his music as a way of contemplating life a few years ago.

Named after Morland Mews in North London where Louis grew up, The Morland EP showcases 5 tracks that encompass Louis’ honesty, humour and sheer likeability. From the depth of personal emotion showcased on Ballad of Benjamin to the cheerfully nostalgic lead track When We Were Hooligans, which portrays a cheekily reflective Louis in the video coming next week, the EP is a perfect introduction to the unique sound of Louis Dunford. He says;

“This EP is a collection of songs that navigate through the best and worst days of my youth. They are stories from those teenage years, where I first experienced real friendship and brotherhood, my first experiences with drink and drugs and my first experience with death, the toll it takes and the struggles that follow.”

“When I hear people talk about ‘the good old days” I always imagine they're referring to the prime of their lives, but when me and my mates reminisce, these are the good old days we mean. Those brief, innocent years, before everything changed, that we imagined we’d hold onto for a little longer. I hope that I’ve captured those days in these songs.”

The full tracklisting is as follows:

  1. London’s Requiem

  2. When We Were Hooligans

  3. Ballad of Benjamin

  4. Regretamine

  5. Hello Depression

Performing live at the end of last year, Louis sold out his first shows straight away and he had to postpone three nights at London’s The Slaughtered Lamb and recently reschedule two nights at London’s Lafayette, after selling out all shows in minutes. The Lafayette shows will now take place on 13th and 14th April.

Keep an eye on the name Louis Dunford – just as he himself reflects and gets lost in his lyrics, his refreshing and relatable songs are music for us to lose ourselves in.

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