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Losun - Crossroad

When you think of Spain, there are a few things that come to mind straight away - the warm weather, the friendly people and a place where countless people visit in search of solitude. For music lovers however, there is a another reason why thinking of the country will bring a smile to your face all thanks to a song called Crossroad which was released on 11th April 2022.

The creation of Losun, the brainchild of Mateo Guidali, Crossroad is such an inviting and fun track on a multitude of of levels. Lyrically you have honesty where our talented artist is just speaking his truth and giving us some of the things that are going on inside his mind, but executed in a way which is light hearted, which makes it even more engaging to a first time listener such as myself. The other elements of Crossroad such as the pace and vibe of the song especially with the inclusion of that psychedelic bridge just give it that extra edge, where it shouldn't surprise you that mid way you will probably find yourself swaying along and a bit of harmless shoulder bopping thrown in for good measure.

Before Crossroad I was a stranger to Losun, but after taking that leap of faith, I have this gut feeling inside of me that Mateo has such brilliant potential to go far, not just in Spain but further afield as well. I like what I am hearing, and every time I hit that replay button, listening to Crossroad energizes me even more.

2022 has already given us a number of incredible names rising up within the world of music, and while Crossroad may only be Losun’s third single, he is definitely one to pay close attention to, so make sure you check him out if you haven’t already - it will be the best thing you do today!

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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