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Lord Ryan And The Tops

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

With it being a fresh new year, I am always excited to know what I will uncover when it comes to discovering the world of new music, because lets face it there is no better way to get through the January blues by listening to some nice and refreshing beats that will make you starting 2019 with a smile. Being the oracle of new music, our good friend Ian dropped me a message to tell me about this pretty special West Yorkshire band by the name of Lord Ryan and The Tops. I have a huge love and respect for West Yorkshire’s music scene, so naturally I was intrigued. “OOOO A NEW BAND” – I said to myself, “Tell me more kind sir?!”

Within seconds I was linked up to not just one but two exclusive tracks by the band, and wow I was pretty darn impressed. The first track to have me swaying along was, I Just Wanna Go Home, which has a sharp and punchy edge that draws you even further by the vocals of Frank, the flair provided by bassist Von Smallhousen and guitarist Scmurtles, and captivating beat of drummer Lord Ryan himself. Regardless of being the first time I was listening, I was nevertheless able to get into it straight away, which is exactly what us music fans want the majority of the time.

The second track, Toast, on the other hand, had much more of a mysterious start to it, whereby you are really able to focus on the bands creativity when it comes to song writing. It is really exciting when a band take an ever day item such as a slice of toast in this case, and apply their out of box logic to express a much more deeper meaning. Ok it may be a bit more slower than the upbeat vibe of I Just Wanna Go Home, but I tell you what stick with it because the more you listen to it the more you will warm to it, and hey if you wanna treat yourself to a slice of Hovis or Warbutons in the process, then hey you won’t be judged ha!

So if I look at Lord Ryan And The Tops as a whole, my first impressions would be that I admire how they have such variety in respects that each of these two tracks has its own identity. Yeah the may be my first introduction to the band, but if anything listening to these songs has only made me even more curious to want to find out even more about them, and hopefully it wont be too long till they give us more of their great tunes.

Article By T.C

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