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Lorana - All Time High

With my diverse music tastes also including the likes of Nina Nesbitt, Holly Humberstone and even a bit of Gabriele Aplin if the mood fits, I was really filled with such immense joy when I was introduced to the gorgeous and uplifting music of Belgium singer-songwriter Lorana and her latest track All Time High.

From the very second I pressed that play button, I found myself falling absolutely in love with this song, and given that All Time High was my first introduction, it did not take long for Lorana to well and truly win my heart. Even as I sit hear writing my thoughts on the new single, with the track playing in the background as I sway from side to side, I cannot help but smile.

As much as I respect anyone who infuses their songwriting with honesty and vulnerability, it is very rare to find someone who pursues those things and then brings it together with such warm energy, and this is some Lorana I can tell from All Time High articulates brilliantly in this song. It is like a burst of sunshine and a comforting hug from a friend who understands everything you are going through, so that your day feels that extra bit bearable.

All Time High is such an addictive track which can be enjoyed by anyone, and I am confident that whoever you are, or the challenges you face in your day, Lorana’s music will be that safe space to replace those sad feelings with ones of hope.

All Time High is the first release since her debut EP Here In Between in 2020, and going off what I have heard, I am very excited to discover what the future holds as Lorana prepares for the next chapter in her evolution as an artist.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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