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lomography releases The Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 35 mm Film

Whether you love photography or not! The new Babylon Kino is something you can't really miss!

As you’ll know, Lomography released the Fantôme Kino B&W Film just two weeks ago, and they are delighted to be back with yet more to offer - we work hard to keep the analogue community inspired in the good times and the difficult ones too! Introducing their second film release of 2020 - the Lomography Babylon Kino B&W ISO 13 Film. Available to preorder now with 20% off from final retail price, this delicate 35 mm addition to their Kino B&W Film family captures life’s most emotive moments in detailed tender renderings.

Available at £8.50 Delivery: July 2020

Coming from a roll of German cinematic production film, the Babylon Kino B&W Film has a high dynamic range and retains information in both bright and shadowed areas. It’s perfect for intimate portraits and soft storytelling scenes, rendering gorgeous light effects across candid close-ups too.

The Babylon Kino B&W Film is the fourth in their B&W Kino Film Family - their very special collection of multiformat monochrome masterpieces. Each family member has a distinct personality and renders images with timeless cinematic ambiance.

Here's a few sample shots:

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