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Lomography releases new Diana F+ and new 35mm Panoramic Camera with a liquid-lens

If you're a photography addicted, if you breathe pictures and so snapping every moment of your life. This post is for you.

Lomography announces the release of the new Lomography Diana F+ Nami Edition. 2020 sees us celebrate 20 years of LomoJapan Co. and so the latest look for Lomography’s leading lady is inspired by the Seigaiha wave – an ancestral Japanese motif, which symbolizes power, resistance, and tranquility.

Retail Price: £89

A loving recreation of a cult classic camera, the Diana F+ camera takes dreamy, lo-fi photographs on medium format film. The camera functionality includes multiple and long exposures, and proud owners can push their creativity even further with our line of Diana F+ accessories which include interchangeable lenses, color filters, and more!

The camera has been first reworked this 1960s original – a favorite of New York-based artists during the 1980s – back in 2007. Since then, the Diana F+ has shapeshifted over 50 times! From exclusive artist collaborations to bright, inspiring designs, the Diana F+ has fallen in love with the Love Letters Edition, struck a chord with the special White Stripes Edition, she’s been gold and green and everything in-between, she’s even completed a Diana World Tour, stopping off at major cities around the globe including London, Paris, and Tokyo!


The new HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera. This inspiring innovation combines some of Lomography’s best-loved features into one camera – sweeping panoramic perspectives boasting beautiful exposed sprocket holes meet the thrilling and unpredictable effects of the Sutton Liquid Lens. Creative photographers can also experiment with multiple, long and pinhole exposures – all on 35 mm film.

Retail Price: £75 Estimated delivery: November 2020

The extraordinary Sutton Liquid Lens lets you inject liquid into a circular dial, creating distinctive filters and luscious liquified scenes. With just the simple addition of clear water, you can achieve dreamy, vintage effects while more unusual solutions will lead to full-color explosions, antique aesthetics and enchanting textures across the frame. Photographers can refer to our Liquid Guide for all the tips and tricks they will need to make the most out of this extraordinary lens.

Makers can match the HydroChrome with the infamous DigitaLIZA 35 mm Scanning Mask for ultimate creative control – easily scanning unique panoramic formats, including exposed sprocket holes and having final say on crops.

Grab your latest Lomo and how us your snaps, now!

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