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Lo Artiz - 11: 11

Known for combining Soul, Motown, Jazz, & Hip-Hop influences, Miami based singer-songwriter Lo Artiz is back with her brand new track 11:11. Upon first impressions there are a few things which make this one of the best pieces of music you will ever listen to.

Firstly Lo Artiz’s sensational vocals, that are just so beautiful that they draw you. Listen to 11:11 I had those butterflies in my stomach because it felt as though she was in the room with me. The second thing which elevates 11:11 is the depth and the detail within the lyrics themselves. There have been some amazing female singer-songwriters over the years, don’t get me wrong, but for me Lo Artiz is already on her way to becoming one of the greatest song writers in today’s music scene.

11:11 is the type of song which really gets into your heart, and may strike a few chords or maybe press a few buttons within you, but you know what Lo Artiz makes creates a safe space to help you navigate through those feelings. I like also how 11:11 infuses elements of hope throughout the song, because I think it creates that balance which allows a first time listener, or someone who has a lot on their mind to gain a lot of strength from Lo Artiz and her music.

Some of the press coverage already online about Lo Artiz as an artist, describe her as being in a league of her own, and you know what, even though I tend to be cautious using that term, this is in one of those occasions I would get up outta my chair and at the top of voice say ‘hell yeah’ as I agree. Being blessed enough to hear 11:11 makes me excited to see what Lo Artiz treats us to next, and let’s hope it's not too long we have to wait till she is over here in the UK treating us all to more of her incredible music.

Article By Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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