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Living in a house but upside down? you can in London!

Westfield London welcomes the UK’s only topsy-turvy attraction, Upside Down House UK,

bringing experiential fun and entertainment to visitors.

We went for an all "Spider-Man" experience a couple of days ago to check it out personally and it was the strangest yet coolest experience you don't want to miss this Christmas.

Situated in Westfield Square the Upside Down House is a hybrid of street art and

experiential entertainment. The inverted orange wooden structure with a black roof

provides visitors with a zero-gravity photo experience in a safe and family friendly


The house is arranged over two storeys and fully furnished with a kitchen, bathroom, living

room art and bedroom, all in a modern style. Visitors are invited to walk on the ceiling and

lose themselves going downstairs to go up and letting their imagination run riot as they

capture the perfect photo!

As the seasons change, so does the Upside Down House. Interior designed by John Lewis

& Partners White City, ensures visitors get the most diverse and realistic experience

during the year.

This Christmas the house has been transformed into an inverted grotto to spread the festive

cheer. Visitors can experience the Christmas makeover from 6th December until 2 nd January

2022 and win amazing prizes for the best Christmas upside down photos – a £50 gift

voucher from John Lewis and Partners.

For tickets and information visit

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