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Live Review: The Pretty Reckless - 29th October 2022 - O2 City Hall - Newcastle

The lights suddenly dim, the crowd roars, the screams of excitement are intensified when the stage bursts into light and the band fill the stage. Taylor Momsen earning the lions share of the applause as she enters donning a sleek flowing slip and a leather jacket that draw all eyes upon her. From the first note of the opener “Death by Rock and Roll” you knew immediately that Momsen’s vocal prowess was in top form and that the room full of die hard rock and roll veterans were gonna be there singing it back word for word.

She struts, skips and prowls across the stage. Leaning into guitarist Ben Philips and bassist Mark Damon as she sings her way though their now extensive setlist with 4 albums worth of material to pull from. Rock and Rolls heyday may be over but The Pretty Reckless are well and truly keeping it alive with their brooding intensity and stage presence that match the greats. The band covered a range of songs from their discography such as “Goin’ Down”, and “Sweet Things” with mine and crowd favourite “Heaven Knows” featuring at the end to rapturous applause.

There are small things that make for big differences between one gig to the next. The most notable this night was the lighting. It was bright and powerful. It enveloped the stage and bled into the crowd ensuring a greater connection between artist and audience. It made us feel that not only were we there to watch the show but be a part of it.

With fans as dedicated as theirs it provided an unforgettable evening with no dull view in the house. Other standout moments included the impressive drum and guitar solos, the back and forth with the crowd that all built to an excited crescendo with a promise to be back soon. Don’t keep us waiting too long!

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Article & Live Music Photos By Sam Wall

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