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Live Review: Cherie Currie at Trillians in Newcastle

On Tuesday evening, rock legend Cherrie Currie made her eagerly anticipated Tyneside return. You would have to look back to 2015 for the artist's last appearance in Newcastle at The Globe.

A packed-out crowd was in attendance to see The Runaways singer perform in this intimate room. And what's more, Cherie is presently touring in support of her latest album Blvds of Splendour. A star-studded release that has been a long time coming. By her admission, Currie regards the record to be one of her favourites of all time, and rightly so.

Cherie’s latest offering features guest appearances from the likes of Slash and Duff from Guns N Roses, Matt Sorum and Juliette Lewis, to name but a few. And with such an incredible release in the bag, Currie showcased her latest offering to the warm and receptive Newcastle crowd. Songs like Mr X, Rock N' Roll Oblivion, and You Wreck Me have all the hallmarks of classics in the making and are truly a testament to how good this record really is.

Frequent calls of we love you Cherie, resonated around the room. So much so, that one lucky fan at the front was even greeted with a hug. There was certainly a lot of love in the room for the iconic rocker. There were moments where Currie strutted around the stage, whilst holding out the microphone for fans to accompany her in song.

Of course, The Runaways' repertoire was going to feature in the set. And even if Joan Jett or Lita Ford don't play the material of their former group, Cherie Currie is happy to play the band’s hits. The singer walked the Newcastle crowd down memory lane with the inclusion of classics such as Queens of Noise, California Paradise, and Rock & Roll. Whilst she quipped before performing Midnight Music, that it was a track that Lita Ford didn't like so much. Cherie has star quality, stage presence and wonderful stories to boot.

Very sadly, Cherie’s brother Don passed away shortly before embarking on this UK tour. An emotionally charged moment of the set saw the artist deliver a spellbinding rendition of David Bowie’s Life on Mars dedicated to her late brother. Throughout the track, Cherie was accompanied on keyboards by Louisa Maria Baker from support band Blue Ruin.

Charging towards the end of the set, back-to-back Runaways classics by way of American Nights and the unmistakable Cherry Bomb brought the show to a close in fine fashion. Whilst these songs may have been released over forty years ago, they are truly timeless and still sound as fresh now as they did back in 1976.

Much like The Runaways, all-female support band Blue Ruin opened the show. And proved to be the perfect fit for such a bill. The group have somewhat of an international background, with two members from New Zealand, whilst the European contingent of the band hail from the UK and Italy.

Blue Ruin are presently touring in support of their new album Hooligan’s Happy Hour. Judging by the number of Blue Ruin t-shirts present in the audience, the band brought their fans with them. The group has a punky edge in places, with great chemistry and stage presence. Whilst energetic bassist Elettra certainly wowed the audience with her incendiary playing and oozed charisma throughout. The band had a great rapport with the audience. It was my first time seeing the band, but it certainly won't be the last.

Words and Photos by Adam Kennedy

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