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Liv Austen: Debut Album & The Country Music Revolution

Updated: Feb 5, 2020

Whether you’re a fan of her acting work, a lover of her music, or a mixture of both, there is no denying that Liv Austen has so much creativity to everyone feeling inspired. This year saw Liv play numerous events, as well as working all around the clock in the studio preparing for her debut album, A Moment Of Your Time, which was released this October. As debut records go this is one which Liv put 100% of her heart and soul into, thus creating a masterpiece that is both honest and real but also leaves you smiling about the talented country music singer-song writer she has become.

Having finally been able to share the album with the world we had a much needed chat with Liv as we founded out more about the vision behind the debut album and also find more about the power of music and confidence through the eyes of the exceptionally talented, Liv Austen.

What has 2018 been like for you?

I have really been enjoying it. With the album coming out in October I was locked away in the studio for most of the year so has been good to finally have the opportunity to share these tracks that I have been working for a while, with other people to.

How liberating must it feel to finally be able to share it?

It is really liberating, because now these are not just my songs any more. I like the fact of allowing the album to speak for itself where people are able to connect to it in their own way.

Were there any tracks which took a bit more time, or was it smooth process across the board?

There were was a couple of songs I wasn’t entirely sure of at first including the title track, A Moment Of Your Time. I think I found myself combating with a bit of “Demo’itus” haha.

Are you glad at the pace you took when working on the album, because after all there is the deadline so to speak, but also as a creative making something which is true to you?

Definitely. I think when you are making anything, it is important not to rush. I liked I was more or less able to take my time. You might not see it at the time, because you just want to get everything completed, but when you look back the care taken to add those little details make those restless moments worthwhile.

Music is just one part of your many endeavours; you are also an Actor too. What is it like to balance the both?

There have been moments where I have tried to do both at once, but I am glad this year I was able to focus a lot more on music side of things. At times music left me feeling very frustrated, especially as so many people are doing it, but I am glad I didn’t give up.

What have been some of the biggest lessons you have learnt so far especially in terms of confidence?

Oh gosh so many. To start I would say to remember not to be concerned with who can do what for you, and instead concentrate on your own thing. It may take longer, but it’s worth it because all the good things will soon come.

Another thing I would say is learning to forgive yourself, which is something I had to do myself. Being nervous is perfectly ok, but you have to remember to be kind to yourself. At the end of the day, there is only one of you, and that is special. When you start comparing yourself to other people it is pointless because it causes you to bring unnecessary negativity to the way you are feeling. Never be afraid to be yourself, because you owe it to yourself to be happy.

Over this year you played a number of events including Country 2 Country, Black Deer Festival and a few others. What was that like?

The festivals were really exciting because I got the chance to meet new people who may not of necessarily of heard of me before.

How do you choose a set list in those kinds of situations then?

I think I just try and pick a set list to wake everyone up, and also at least a cover or two where if there new especially they can all join in. At end of the day it is also an opportunity to showcase myself and my material, so songs like ‘Miss Nobody’ are so fun to perform live especially when you see the audience joining in and enjoying it too.

Touching on the acting for a moment then, tell us a bit how you got involved in Channel 4’s ‘Humans’ series?

Well it was my Agent who actually got the audition for me, because they were casting for robots who could speak languages. So for me it seemed liked a great fit as speaking different languages is something I enjoy. Also the Norwegian influences helped as well haha!

When it comes to song writing is there a right way and a wrong way to do things?

I think at end of the day you have to remember to stay honest and real. The best lyrics are the ones that express exactly what is on your mind. When I am writing I am very much a person who doesn’t beat around the bush.

More and more we are seeing a rise in Country Music, especially here in the UK. What does it feel like knowing you are part of that special revolution to keep it alive and exciting?

I am really proud. There is something about country music which is fun, and like with any other genre it is always evolving. It’s so nice stand by so many other talented country music artists.

What would you say to all those new Liv Austen fans that are just discovering you?

It’s a good time especially with the new album just being released in October, so come join the party haha!

Wishing Liv all the best for the exciting road ahead. If you haven’t already, I totally recommend you check out the debut album A Moment Of Your Time which is out right now.

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