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Tom Connell X Davines Release: Light. Time&Colour

When hairdressing goes beyond borders to blend in with art and design.

On 20th January 2021 Tom Connell X Davines released a brand new project. The "Light.Time & Color" collection is the latest project that encompasses the research of Davines’ Hair Art Director Tom Connell into the interpretation of each woman's individuality, going beyond hairstyling and the pure creation of a look in order to get closer to fashion, music, architecture and design through multiple references. Each portrait of this collection contains references to socio-cultural, musical and artistic contexts that have influenced Tom Connell's perception, making it difficult for this collection to integrate into the simple context of hairdressing, but rather making it very close to a work of art.

In order to better achieve this goal, Tom decided to move away from digital photography and to shoot characterful people of the whole project on film in natural light without post-editing to better enhance the reality and authenticity at the heart of the collection. ​

A long-term cultural project is the one created by Tom Connell for Davines entitled "Portraits of People“; this collection is part of it and fits into a more conceptual trend, offering creative ideas that enhance the art of shaping hair and blend into other creative dimensions.


Color takes center stage, leaving technique in the background. First, people see the unusual shades of color as the guide to interpreting the image. Each tone, be it strong and original, is still sober and elegant; the meticulous development of the color shades is harmonious, revealing details and contrasts that are sometimes delicate and other times quite clear.


A specific shade of green, the most difficult color to obtain, combined with a slightly golden sand tone. Multiple influences: from punk to the 80s, lifting up an iconic look by David Bowie. The color is a tribute to the Danish artist Olafur Elìasson.


A shape that refers to Japanese architecture whose raw material is wood, in a warm beige tone. Every time you look at it, a new detail emerges: the exaggerated bangs, a twisted knot and a decisive undercut. A further influence comes from fashion and from a famous headdress by Alexander McQueen.


The authentic tone of copper metal and the last lights of the day: vibrant. The shape refers to the 70s, to skaters’ ruffled hair that is lifted up by exaggerating the shapes. Short and heavy on the front, long on the shoulders.


A particular shade of topaz, which exists in nature only in Colorado and the translucent coat of the Akhal-Teke horses are the color inspiration that accompanies this geometric and disjointed portrait that does not seem to belong to the same figure.

Commenting on the latest collection, Art Director Tom Connell explained:

"I believe you must create work which means something to you, for it to have any chance at meaning anything to the viewer. For it to mean something to you it must be connected to your life and intertwined with your interests, ensuring your work and your life are one and the same. There can’t be a separation. The Davines collections for 2021 continue on the long term cultural journey of bridging the gap between the hair industry, design, art, music & fashion, work which is innovative but with a transparent, authentic approach.

The looks in this collection have been informed by the things which have kept me stimulated during these unprecedented events, things I feel have a natural kinship with Davines."

Photo Credit: Tom Connell

"I used my some of my favourite music to inform the names for the looks, (Dennis Wilson, Pacific Ocean Blue), took hair shape inspiration from the skater photography book “Silver Skate 70’s” by Hugh Holland. We thought of the hair as static sculptures using the tones and applications of the artist Oalfur Elliason to colour the shapes in strong, graphic ways while taking reference from icons and movements such as Young Americans era Bowie & Ska Punk.

I believe when these layers of inspiration are put into a piece of work, they create characters of their own, these characters can then provide cultural touch points for the each viewer to take away something individual to them."

Press Play To Listen To Some Of The Tracks Which Inspired This Beautiful Collection.

To find out more information about the brand new Light.Time & Colour Collection head to the official Davines YouTube Channel right now.

Davines On Instagram @davinesofficial - Tom Connell On Instagram @tommconnell


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