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Lift Your Spirits: We Take A Look At Breakbot's 'Be Mine Tonight'

Animation is one of life’s passions for French producer and DJ Breakbot. So often, when creativity is part of someone’s soul, they flourishingly combine art that connects with its audience on many levels. Embracing all things electro, it was graphics where Thibaut Berland started his illustrious career, but the musical cosmos was calling.

Skilled remixing came first, and, with his reputation and name growing, in 2009 he was welcomed into the unparalleled Ed Banger family. Remixing is still at the forefront of his craft. However, he also can boast of his heady material and back catalogue. Effortlessly vintage, the joyous hooks and melodies are enough to brighten any mood, and the soulful, disco feel eases you onto the dance floor, albeit the garden, or the kitchen in present times.

It was during last year’s tour in Japan that the artist was inspired by Tokyo’s exhilarating arcade scene, and allowing himself to be fully immersed in the buzzing atmosphere resulted in the creation of track Be Mine Tonight. The video is tremendously gorgeous in all ways. The Anime work is saturated in neon hues of pink and purple, which are sustained throughout, lifting their cap to 80s Vapourware visuals. We are greeted by a sweet girl arriving at the arcade deciding what to play.

She settles on the Be Mine Tonight machine (can we all have one please?) that can be compared to an old-school dance game, not too dissimilar to the one that Madonna famously parades around in Hung Up. The young lady starts moving tentatively and, almost as if she is being possessed, she then blossoms in confidence; all self-consciousness goes out of the window; she feels sheer joy. Letting the music and lights wash over her, the retro-graphics that she is copying come in and out of shot.

She has forgotten about the world around her, just for a while, and is dancing like no one is watching. But they are and willing her on at that. We end with the glowing girl setting a new high score and putting another coin in the slot, a timely reminder that we have to strive for an attitude of positivity at all times. Capucine Delafleurs honey-like vocals are at home, and the instrumental version features in a new Chanel ad campaign. It’s funky, and highly melodic, ensuring the whole package to be greatly uplifting and stylishly done.

Be Mine Tonight is a refreshing tonic in these times, and we will be treated to another single rather soon, but this kind fellow doesn’t stop there, oh no. To spread those rays of sunlight, Breakbot has released his Lockdown Boogie Mix, including a particularly brilliant version of Why. Have a listen, and just like our protagonist in the video, let your body get into the groove in your comfy surroundings, just until we can shimmer together back at the discotheque.

Article by Beverley Knight

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