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New album ‘KARMA’ heralds the return of Tunisian progressive metal titans Myrath.

Photo Credit- Marko Ristic

Set for release on March 8th 2024, ‘Karma’ is the 6th studio album from the fantastic Tunisian based progressive metal band Myrath. It’s been 5 years since their previous release ‘Shehilli’ and a lot has gone off in he world as we know it; and the new album from Myrath highlights those actions and consequences.

Darkus magazine had the opportunity to talk to lead vocalist from Myrath, Zaher Zorgati about the new album and the journey that brought them ‘Karma’.

There is without doubt a lot of love and attention given to the album, from it’s stunning production, crafted emotive songs and personal introspection, Zaher explains why;

‘Actually, the difference between this album and the other albums is that we did the most of the pre -production in Kevin's house. Our producer and our and our ex manager, because now we have a new manager for the band. His name is Steve too’ Zaher laughs.

 ‘And during the period of the pandemic, right before the pandemic period we were on tour in Europe. Yeah. And we arrived to Leipzig, that was our 18th  concert….. I think seven more to do. But unfortunately, the pandemic everybody you know, blocked their countries and after one week, we cancelled the tour. And we went to Paris. We packed all our stuff in Paris, and we put it in the van. And then we headed to South of France to Kevin's house in Santorini waiting for our flight from Marseilles to Tunis. But it took us two months to take a flight. Because all flights were cancelled. So that's the difference between the other others and this idea that this album, two month and half, we were blocked myself, and Malik and Kevin, in one place. I would say, I'm grateful for that but it was a little bit annoying’ laughing, Zaher continues ‘ because everybody wanted to see their families and stuff cause it was more than three, three months without, you know, going back home.’

‘I believe in karma and I'm a spiritual guy......... I believe that what comes around goes around’

Zaher Zorgati

Reflecting on that time period as an opportunity Zaher explains ‘ The atmosphere and the energy content, the synergy in that moment, with the with the members, that was really, really great. Because we live together we cook for each other. Yeah. And those weeks, we experienced a very, very tight relation and tight bond, yeah, that's, that's the word. So that helped us to create this album and create a lot of ideas. And, and everything was really spontaneous from the heart. Nothing was mechanical.’

It's true that the new album ‘Karma’ has a fluid genre coursing through it, from progressive, to pop to symphonic metal and Zaher explains why.

‘So yeah, that's why many journalists, many reviewers, they would say that it's not a mirror anymore (of Myrath). Or maybe it's not the same Myrath as it was before. I agree. Because we told ourselves this time we are all locked here. We are all together, we're going to do what we want to do. That doesn't mean that we weren't doing what we want to do in the past. No, but we want to discover new horizons musically speaking, because yeah, all our atmosphere before was condensed into one mode and one mood, which is minor keys and Oriental. So, so we said to ourselves, why not? We are good musicians. We are good. You know, artists are good songwriters. Why not? We say just play the music that we listen to at, the teenager age. Our influences in everything in symphonic and progressive metal or in grunge and power metal or heavy metal or in speed or whatever genre. Yeah, yeah. We can do it with our own spirit and with our own touch. Yes. So I agree that a lot of a lot of experts say that it's not Myrath like before. Yes, but it's, but it has that aftertaste of Myrath…… you can find an 80’s ‘Journey’ style, like ‘Let it go!’. Yeah. But with an aftertaste of Myrath, you can find also ‘Child of Prophecy’ which has a little bit of Djent side to it, but with our personality and our spirit.’ 

Zaher explains how he relates the transformation of Myrath to his favourite past time of cooking..

‘You can feel the after taste and like I said, I love to cook by myself. So I always say that it rather has  to have that aftertaste. than in your face tastes Yeah!. Because when you for example, when you make an Indian dish with a lot of curry, you put a lot of curry. So you eat one, two spoons. And then you say thank that’s not for me because it's just too strong. But if you put a little bit of curry a little bit of that a little bit of that. And you can feel the all the elements with the actual taste of the spices. And that's what we wanted to do. Just not to over spice the music, but just to put the perfect amount of spices.!!’

'Whilst not a specific concept album, ‘Karma’ does have key themes ‘…it's not a concept album, actually. We didn't think about making the concept album, the idea behind karma because I believe in karma and I'm spiritual guy. And I believe in karma, I believe that what comes around goes around and what goes around comes around and if you do good, good things in your life, it will come back to you the positive way now or then. So, karma it resume all what it's happening in our word from chaos of conflict of war to natural disasters not preserving our mother nature and I also wanted to make some motivational songs and songs which are very personal, like, Wheel of Time. Yeah. It's very, very, very personal. It's talks about addiction and talks about depression. And to make something like that, and to talk about addiction and depression, which I had the experience before, to experience this, those feelings and those, those period. I think it's very important to because there are millions of people who are feeling the same thing, but they think that they are alone and exposing this. Even talking about myself and exposing this to those people. It's a way of saying that, guys, you are not alone. Yeah, you are not alone. I, I went through this and you are not alone. And yeah, we can, we can go through this and we can succeed we can get up on our feet and fight back.’

‘So I always say that it rather has  to have that aftertaste. than in your face tastes Yeah!’

The album ‘Karma’ certainly provides an eclectic blend that musically complements and yet is distinctly Myrath, but unusual for a band labelled as ‘progressive metal’ there isn’t a song on the album more than 5 minutes in length, Zaher explains…

’ Yeah, it's for, it's for the label and for the selling and to get more more people into our style. Because if you want to get more mainstream, let's say, but in a good way, you have to do some songs less than five minutes or less than six minutes, you know, but it's not that we don't want to do like a 10 minute songs or 12 minute songs. Yes, we would love to’……..’ I think the diversity of each song because we didn't want to, to have like two similar songs or two songs that that sounds the same. That's why we wanted to do like some 80s song, some symphonic song, some power metal song, some old heavy metal songs. It was not  mechanical in any way. It was a very spontaneous, sometimes Kevin would say to us Oh, guys, this is too much 80s style. And we are Myrath you know, we are a Myrath…..I would say to him, I'm sorry. I would say like, fuck it. I don't give a shit. It's the most important thing.  Even if you would play a jazz song on this on this album? if it's authentic, it must be authentic. It must come from the heart.’


Myrath new album ‘Karma’ is released on March 8th on Earmusic

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