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As a tumultuous year draws to a close, the forthcoming festive season introduces a new year and the hope of a fresh start. It’s important to remember that the challenges that face us today will in time fade, and life will gradually return to normality. It’s a message that Liam Gallagher captures in his emotive new single ‘All You’re Dreaming Of’.

Liam’s words strike to the heart of the subject matter, expressing a whirlwind of emotions with an elegant clarity as he sings, “What are you dreaming of? / Is It the kind of love that’ll be there when the world is at its worst?” As has been a hallmark of his solo career, his voice resonates with vulnerability. The weight of those emotions is amplified by the intimacy of the production: wistful piano revealing the power of those lyrics, accompanied by a swelling undercurrent of seasonal brass.

The song emerged in the summer after Liam put an unexpected spin on an idea created by his co-writer, the Ivor Novello winner Simon Aldred. It was subsequently produced by Andrew Wyatt, who has collaborated on both of Liam’s chart-topping solo albums.

Simon explains the story: “During the first lockdown when everything was looking uncertain and people were struggling to remain optimistic, Liam and I spoke about how there weren't enough songs of hope. We set out to write a song that imagined a parent singing to their child about the importance of holding onto dreams and innocence, the capacity to disappear inside yourself and imagine a better future. A lullaby of hope. It was never meant to a Christmas song. But then Liam said, 'I can see New York shop windows, and snow outside, this reminds me of being a kid at Christmas when life was normal.' And so we reimagined it with that in mind.”

Net proceeds from each download and stream will go to the leading charity, Action For Children, from now until 31st December 2020. With 476 services in communities across the UK, Action for Children provides practical and emotional support to children and young people, as well as ensuring their voices are heard, and campaigning for every child to have a safe and happy childhood. This year’s coronavirus crisis has made life harder than ever for vulnerable children and families, and the charity’s frontline staff have been working tirelessly to support them.

Further updates on Action For Children could be found at their Twitter and Instagram and accounts.

‘All You’re Dreaming Of’ will also be released on vinyl on December 18th. It will be released on black 7” and a white 12”, the latter of which exclusively features the song’s original demo. A red 7” is available only from the official Liam Gallagher store. The b-side of each format is etched with star artwork and a unique lyric from the song.

Liam Gallagher is set to make a biblical return to performing on Saturday, December 5th with ‘Down By The River Thames’. The one-of-a-kind virtual live event will see Liam accompanied by his full band for a set broadcast from a barge travelling along the Thames. The show will include iconic songs, fan favourites and a few surprises, spanning both his all-conquering solo career and his legendary time with Oasis – some of which he hasn’t performed in years.

‘Down By The River Thames’ will be streamed globally, exclusively on MelodyVR. Tickets are available here.

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