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Lewis Capaldi - Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent Tour

Photo By Sam Wall

Capaldi is back! After years away from the limelight Lewis is back with a huge sell out tour ahead of his long awaited second album. When an artist becomes a huge, global superstar the pressure to deliver new music that equals if not betters the first release is a tall order. Despite dwelling in the background it becomes quickly clear that he hasn’t sat back and let the success of his previous work carry him through life, he has been hard at work writing new music to recapture the hearts he broke the first time around.

Before Lewis took to the stage we had the fabulous Raye warm us up with songs from her upcoming album, 21st Century Blues. Raye has been releasing music for over 7 years now but its only recently that she’s blown up and able to release the music she’s always wanted to create. Riding the wave of her success she at times had everyone up on their feet singing every word and at times had everyone crying with her as she sang her beautifully, emotional music. This time next year it’ll be her headlining the arenas all over the world

As the houselights dimmed and the intro music swelled everyone was clapping and cheering his name. It was so loud you’d more than likely have heard it outside. He opened the set with the lead single from his upcoming album ‘Forget Me’. When he heard the entire crown belting the words back to him it must have become clear that he isn’t just a one album wonder, he is here to stay. It ended with an explosion of confetti as he blasted out the last chorus.

Photo By Sam Wall

We all know Lewis is a character across social media and when we see him on the tele but I had no idea just how funny he was playing live. Between songs he would tell witty anecdotes and rude jokes to break up the sombre and emotional genre of his music. Without this I fear the live experience would become a little too sad for me to fully enjoy but with it his shows becomes partly a time for inward reflection and partly a time for belly laughs from a top tier comic.

He played almost equal measures from his first album and his upcoming album and while its a littler peculiar to embark on a tour to promote an album that’s not even out yet, Even lewis himself exclaimed that he’s not sure why his promoter booked the shows so early, but I loved the concept. It made us feel special to hear the new material before anyone else.

Photo By Sam Wall

Even his encore, which he said was just a break to go to the toilet included a new song. He’d played most of the set with his band but now was time for Lewis to close the show on his own. After the new track ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ we all knew how the would end, with a beautiful rendition of his biggest hit ‘Someone You Loved’. Everyone arm in arm, phone lights on, singing to their lungs gave out.

With a tour that looks to completely sell out it has put fears to bed that Lewis Capaldi’s career is over and I certainly won’t be the only one looking forward to May when his long awaited second album ‘Broken By Desire To Be Heavenly Sent’ is released.

Photo By Sam Wall

Article & Photography By Sam Wall

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