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Letters To Elise - STAY -(Kid Laroi ft Justin Bieber Cover)

Generally i have never really been a huge fan of cover songs especially as you will have a scenario where it is highly likely the original will be butchered. However i always make the expeception after countless years of listening records such as Pop Goes Punk I decide not to be so dismissive.

One band I found myself giving that green light and thumbs up approval to was Canadian pop-punk band Letters To Elise and their cover of Kid Lario and Just Bieber’s track STAY.

In the mainstream world you would probably think that is quite a huge song to take on because you think who could be brave enough to take on the likes of Kid Lario or Justin Bieber fans, because let’s face it for the hardcore Beliebers out their the thought of someone taking on anything featuring their number one guy would feel like blasphemy. You know what, despite that Letters To Elise rise to the challenge and do so in style as not only do they put their spin on it but they also make it their own.

Having listened to both the original and this one, you know what i actually prefer and love the Letters To Elise version much better, and with that pop-punk dimension to it, it actually provides STAY with some much needed flair.

I would happily recommend this to any one i know or meet, and hey if I have to ruffle the features of a few Beliebers along, it is so worth it because as far as I am concerned Letters To Elise are a band who have the potential and ability to be one of the greatest pop-punk outfits around. So don’t delay any longer. Released on 25th April 2022, STAY is available to listen to right now!

Article by Thushara S. Chandrasiri

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