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Lauv releases "Love U Like That" and we're here for it!

It's out! It's out! Lauv releases his new single and visualiser, ‘Love U Like That,’ and it's all we have been waiting for - trust me! We're going crazy in the office!

Credit: Lauren Dunn

Stepping into the next phase of his music, Lauv crafts a euphoric, pop-infused ode to a partner on ‘Love U Like That.’ Low-fi drum beats and sparkling synth accents allow Lauv’s vocals to be at the track’s forefront as he whispers, ‘You could really tear me apart.’

The song is addictive and we have it on repeat. On the song he commented:

“I’m so insanely proud of this new song because it marks the beginning of a new era for me. A song about realising you’re into something you didn’t think you were into and empowering yourself to go for it and not judge yourself and let society or ideas sway you from it. It’s the beginning of a journey, it’s a proud start.”

Here's what Twitter - well X - had to say about it:

The song is an anthem to self -acceptance, love, kindness - a story to having fun and empowering yourself and we are finally here for it and we will get to hear it live in Europe! Yes! Lauv is set to tour UK and Europe this year on the "Between Albums Tour"

For more info and tickets click here.

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