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Laufey announces album, tour and new single for "Fragile" ... and we are here for her!

Laufey only recently started putting out music at the start of lock-down and thanks to TikTok her debut EP has had over 10million plays and she can count Billie Eilish, Willow Smith and dodie as fans.

She is now releasing “Fragile” her latest single and you don’t want to miss on that. Her European tour is basically all sold out and she’s definitely the singer and songwriter you really want to keep an eye on. Her approach to music is one of its kind.

She has also just concluded her 22 episode series "Happy Harmonies with Laufey" on BBC Radio 3 & BBC Sounds she hosted this past weekend with previous hosts include Celeste and Jorja Smith.

We caught up with her in London where she told us all about her life, her music and her latest single “Fragile”.

You’ve just announced a massive tour and it’s mostly sold out. What can we expect from it?

You can expect to be transported to a place where time doesn't quite exist and hopeless romantic music prevails. Something like stepping into a movie.

You’re half Chinese and half Icelandic. What do you love the most about such different cultures?

I am! Chinese culture - I love love the food! Dumplings are my favorite as you may come to discover in my upcoming album! I also love how kind and passionate Chinese people are. For Iceland - first of all, I love the nature. It’s so inspiring and beautiful even if it’s freezing all the time! and of course the community - the amount of artists that thrive within the small population is incredible and definitely a big reason as to why I’m an artist now.

You started putting out music just a couple of years ago, what led you to do that?

It was the first time I had written a song about my own experiences and I felt that I had finally managed to mix together the different musical influences I had in a way that felt totally authentic to me. I put the music out in hopes that it would resonate with somebody - both lyrically and musically!

Social media is playing a big role in your career, what is your approach?

I think social media can be such a beautiful tool that we artists are so lucky to have. It’s a direct line of communication between me and my fans that are all over the world. Communicating with my fans is so important to me - learning about their stories and cultures have made me a much better person and musician. I feel that it’s important to use my voice and platform to speak about things that matter to me - whether it be about social issues, music or random life stuff.

Fragile is your new track, “one of the most personal tracks you’ve written”. What is it about?

Fragile is about being really vulnerable with a boy for the first time. I grew up very protected and shy around boys and when I felt myself really liking someone there were so many new emotions and I remember just how Fragile I felt. The later part of the song I’m thinking back to that time and missing the boy.

Your debut album Everything I know About Love is out in August, how would you describe love?

Tumultuous but beautiful

What is the album about?

The album is a collection of the different ways I’ve experienced love thus far in my life and what I’ve learned about it - which is not very much. I don’t really know anything about love!

What is your favourite place in the world and why?

My favorite place in the world is Iceland. I filmed a music video there recently for my latest single, Fragile, and it just reminded me of how magical it can be! It's home.

Follow her journey on @laufey.

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